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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Toronto Venture Exchange prince is doing it again: DNI Metals (DNI) reached 39 cents per stock

Please, DNI Metals (DNI), don’t stop the party!

Yep, the Toronto Venture Exchange prince is doing it again! DNI Metals (DNI) reached 39 cents per stock and that’s happen just NOW! If I would be selling my holding in DNI Metals (DNI), I will be cashing in a 400$ profit! Having DNI reached 26 cents per stock had been spectacular. Having it at 35 cents took my breath away and having it at 39 cents well... unexplainable. But that’s nothing.
Lately, a lot had been said on DNI Metals (DNI) and I am very sure DNI is full of potential and once the potential reveal, DNI will probably go much much higher. Not bad for a 2009 initial investment of even less then 800$.

In other words: I am seriously kicking some a :0)


Ruth said...

Sunny, fill me in on this DNI Metals account you have please.

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

DNI is a good performer of the time, I am just wishing it will last. At a point of the day, DNI reached 40 cents... WOW!

Geithner said...

Hold on to DNI Metals. I think it can go to .75 over the next few weeks. Very good long term holding

Sunny said...

Hi there,

A 75 cents would be nice. I am holding for now, but the temptation to sell when it hit the 40 cents had been high. However, still holding at this time.


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