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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Balances Data of TD Waterhouse for August 10, 2011

Today data for August 10 are actually very good:

Non-registered portfolio value: 105 123$
Money used on margin: 40 470.31$
Money left on margin: 17 835.76$

I am under the bar of the 20k on my margin, but that 17k satisfies me, knowing I have a 6k I can transfer over at any time.

I have now this 1 000$ available and I wonder what to do with it, if investing in TRP is really that a good idea. But you know what, I will let the market decided. Tomorrow morning, if the TSX opens on a positive note, I will invest in TRP, if not, well, there will be no investment in TRP, the money will goes as deposit on the margin. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and truly, it is not.

In 16 more days, I will be 31.

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