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Friday, August 26, 2011

My non-registered portfolio closed August 26, 2011 at 108 226.79$



For my 31th birthday, Kinross Gold Corp (K) finished today session at 17.35$........ Yeah, I know....

Who look sexy smart now????


31 = $$$


Crystal said...

We all know you're smart. Some readers won't admit you know more then them. Happy birthday same day as my niece, turning ten. I just hope she will be doing as well as you in 21 years, I doubt it though, if she's anything like my sister. It's great your helping your cousin out. Does he know you are a dividend girl. Just wondering how much you reveal about yourself to others. I don't tell anyone my finances. It would just shock them. Keep up the great posts. I love to read about your life!!!

Sunny said...

Hi Crystal,

I like the... we all know you're smart part LOL......

I did many investment mistakes. I wrote about them all. But good moves like in K are always quite spectacular.

I don't think anyone could know I will be investing when I was 10. I was quite lunatic. Even more than I am now. lol.

My cousin is in need of big help. I did my best, but it seem like he didn't get anything yet and I am about to leave Montreal soon and I won't be able to help much.... He doesn't know about my investment hobby. I will let him get a job first, and after, I will explain him HOW to make the big real bucks.

That's something else I am about to post soon.

I don't openly talk about my finance for many reasons. I just like to be out there doing my stuff anonymously, and let everyone know what I do...


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

You are doing your cousin a nice favor by being such a sweetie and helping him find a job. Why not teach him the longer way to get rich-putting his $$$ aside to invest to dividend stocks. Does your cousin have a TSFA?


Sunny said...

Hi Mark,

The TFSA is a good idea. I am doing a favor, but it's not like it's helping in any way. But at least now his resume look a bit better.


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