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Monday, August 1, 2011

Still waiting for my Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) dividend

A couple of good and bad news. The bad news: I am back in Montreal and my vacations are OVER. I left New Brunswick closed to midnight yesterday crying like a little mermaid. I didn’t want to leave. The ride on the bus was awful. The seats were not comfortable and I had trouble to just stay on my seat. The bus was almost full of passengers so I could absolutely not change of place. But I think it would have be the same thing on a different seat. I took 2 Gravol before getting on the bus, but maybe I should take 2 other ones half way. They make me feel a bit stone and sleepy. Without them, there’s no way I could had go through the ride.

X town in New Brunswick to Montreal

Anyway, I arrived at my apartment at 7AM. Everything was like I left it: nothing was missing from my one and a half container and the door was still locked. Yeah. Montreal is as beautiful as I left it. St-Laurent Boulevard was shinning under the hot August sun.

I taught I was pretty smart because I had escaped the heat wave that hit Montreal while being in vacations for the past 2 weeks. But it seem like the extreme hot weather is not over yet. Today is not that bad because there’s wind, but still, the weather is hot, but not extremely hot. But still, it was quite impossible for me to start ironing my t-shirts this morning. I place some stuff back into their usual places but I am not even done yet. I got ready and went to pay my BMO MasterCard. And here I am on my laptop at the Second Cup, at my usual spot, because it’s too hot in my apartment. The heat is not gone and this week is going to be awfully hot.

Spending money

For this month, I only have 278$ left to pay on my loans and stuff so it’s not that bad. The next pay check will take care of it. I spend more than usual, but despite all, it was quite reasonable. I count less than 1 000$ in expenses. Not much knowing that amount included groceries for the first 2 weeks of July and my bus ticket. My bus ticket was of 175$ in total. Part of the ticket got covered by my online money making. I shop before and while I was away and bought stuff but it was mostly things that I need, like a new pair of running shoes, a pair of shorts, t-shirts, a new bathing suit as the other one was going see through, 2 summer dresses, a pair of jeans, make-up and I guess that’s about it. I walk around a lot and I have problem to do one complete year with the same pair of running shoes. I don’t have a metro pass but that’s wanted.

Money money money

I am currently fighting my demons and I am trying to start a job search. For months I had been enjoying a lot of free time by just working at my evening shift and weekend job. Getting a daytime job inside my actual schedule is needed and possible. Also at this time, I would like to find a job in New Brunswick. I truly don’t know why it’s so complicated for me, but that’s certainly because I have it all, right. But at the same time, what I want is to have more cash to invest. So like usual, I am going in all the directions. I am like a chicken that got the head cut and is running everywhere. Everywhere but I have an idea of where I am going. Or kind of.

I know it’s not what Obama wanted, but I am happy that the US had resolved part of their problems. It made me feel better because I have a lot of money invested on the stock market. I was ready to take a deep plunge, but if it can be avoid, that’s better, isn’t? Despite it all, my non-registered portfolio is getting through this without too much trouble.

The Maple Group deal is completely retarded

I closed Friday session at 109 437$. Not bad, but I am far from the usual 113k. I still have left more than 20k in my margin account. That’s not too bad either. While being away, I received a voting package for Blue Note Mining (BNT), but I passed the day for the vote. Too bad. I also received a package from TMX Group Inc. (X), asking me to choose between cashing in 50$ per stock or getting just a transfer of title. I don’t believe in the Maple Group and I find it pretty disgusting. So if you asked me between cash or shares, I pick the cash. Banks are not very generous when it comes to dividend and Canadian financial institutions are going to put a lot of their shit on the Toronto exchange. I am voting against the Maple Group project. But if the deal go through, I want the cash, not the shares. At 50$ per stock, I am going to make a few hundred bucks on this and yeah, despite it all, life is good. And I am still waiting for my Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) dividend to kick in. My dividend income is doing fine for the month of July.

If you want to find out how to save big bucks on sun tan lotion because summer is not over yet but my vacations are, click here.


Rob said...

I thought I'd check in and see how you were doing. I haven't made a post on your blog since the drive by shooting in the silver market that happened on May 1. I had to calm people down. It certainly isn't easy losing 30% in 5 days. This is just criminal activity by JP Morgan et al in the fututes market. But it won't last. It never does. The last big one was in 2008 when they took silver from $21 to $9. But look at the big picture. Even if you invested at the worst times - $21 before the crash in 2008 and $32 after the drive by shooting on May 1, you still made 50%. Silver remains the investment of the decade and must be owned. Stocks on the other hand are doomed. They continue to prop up the market with idiotic stimulus and Obamanomics - they must get out of the way, let the stock market drop 60% so we can build a sustainable recovery. I'll end this by saying that you have informed me of one thing. I think the gold companies must start paying substantial dividends to get people like you invested in them. They are grossly undervalued right now and one day soon, gold and silver and their related stocks will skyrocket. Hope you are in on it:)

Sunny said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks for looking after me! I am sure everyone will be happy to see you back. I am doing ok, I am just coming back from a 2 weeks vacation in New Brunswick.

After a couple of years of stock investment, I am a bit more use to the market volatility now. It's not something that scare me. I am able to live with the risk, it's not something that keep me awake at night.

The only thing that matter to me right now is not to loose too much and to keep my margin account going without any margin call. I think I will be ok, but the market still loosing points today, so nothing is sure. I am looking forward to get another job to get more cash in.

A 60% market drop? Are you sure of that? This could destroy my portfolio and get me under a margin call.

At this time, I take it one day at the time.

The silver crash was nothing compare to what we are facing now with the US debt. I invest in PSLV - the American Sprott Silver when it was at its highest 22$. After the silver correction, I invested in some more stocks at 16$. So the 16$ units help to keep things stable and minimize the lost. Currently, Sprott silver is at 18$+. Very good, getting closer to the 22$.

I am still stuck with the HZD because of a day trading experience that I won't repeat again.

My FR stocks are performing well, I am still holding at this time.

I think Obama is doing the best he can. I don't think he wants investors to go through a 60% drop. He want to avoid that and its ok.

I am still holding on my portfolio, I am in for everything, for the better and the worst... We'll see how it goes.


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