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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Toronto Stock Exchange is about to lose its pants

I knew that the TSX was about to hit hard this morning. The TSX opens at 12 159.67 points, with a loss of 2.5%. Not too bad I taught... but very soon, the TSX recorded a loss of more than 5%. So far, the lowest the TSX has reached was 11 761.31 points. This was about to happen knowing that on Sunday evening, Asian stock markets has drop of hundreds of points. And TSX react to the drop worldwide buy dropping too. However, the day is long and things could change or at least improve.

Sometime, live is hard. I was in vacations during the last 2 weeks of July. Following what, when I came back home, I taught everything was going to be ok. There was still no agreement for the US default payment at that time, but I was confident that the US wouldn’t let a default payment happen. I was right, but I wasn’t ready for what was going to happen next: a major stock market correction. Nothing is really easy in my life. Facing the events of the past weeks had been absolutely awful.

I never have any doubt on what I was doing while investing in stocks. I must have read Derek Foster books so many times that now I am totally brainwashed... lol... I started investing after I began to work full-time. That was back in 2005. I did not start right away in stocks, that was only in 2008. The period of 2005 to 2008 wasn’t a real lucrative one. After reading Derek Foster The Lazy Investor, I realize I could do much better in stocks. And I did. But will I ultimately regret my decision?

Well, my investment journey is not about to take a drastic turn anytime soon. My non-registered portfolio is now at 104433.62$, which is not that different of last Friday closing result. However, there’s a 20 minutes delay. That 104 433.62$ worth is not being deliver in real time by TD Waterhouse. I think I will be ok for today, even if the Toronto Stock Exchange faces another rough day. I transferred 6k over my margin account. I think that will be enough – at least for now. And if you want my point of view, I don’t think the TSX will drop significantly today all day long because the market chickens are all gone, they all sell last week and they have nothing left. Now, time for the market warrior to rebuild health on the stock market and that include me who will be investing 1 000$ in TransCanada Corp (TRP).

I did not blog this weekend about my top performers because I had enough of thinking about my stocks and wanted to take a break – at least for 2 days.

OK... my non-registered portfolio is now at 99 340.22$.

Now I am 100 153.68$. I am going to stop watching this if not I will get a heart attack.

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