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Monday, August 15, 2011

My non-registered portfolio is exceeding the 110k

Yesterday night had been absolutely crazy. I spend the night cleaning by stuff. I had been living in here for a couple of years, in my little one and a half apartment. Little, but close to everything you can ever thing of. I like the location, I wouldn’t like to move anyplace else. At least for now. Anyhow, over the years, I had accumulated all kind of financial statements, mutual funds papers, magazines, newspapers.... so I clean and I clean and I clean. I kept of course important papers, like the ones they give you to sign when you invest in mutual funds, statements, etc. I had for about 10 garbage bags of my oldies and I am not even done yet, but almost. I also have all of those old shampoo bottles to get rid of (I know, yacki yacki!). I so not minimalist like this lady. I am a total mess. Or should I say: I was a total mess.

I have to say, it’s feel much better now. My place is now more in order. I wake up late this morning, even if I set myself a bunch of things to do. But I hate Monday. Like this morning, I was supposed to go to my grocery shopping. Did I go? No. Oh well... And yesterday, I was supposed to do my hair coloration. I skipped that as well... I did some laundry however. Impossible to do it all in one night. What I really wanted to do is to clean in my papers. And I did.

The TSX is a rocket stardom... My non-registered portfolio is currently at 110 603.07$. So it’s a good week debut. From what I had read, the week is going to be good. But a turnaround is always possible. As for my part. I am going to take 2k from my margin and use it to pay my 10k credit line. I just received some awesome dividend payment today!

I chat with one reader yesterday and it really help me to understand the response of Derek Foster to my letter. I guess my reaction to the non leverage thing was one of a wild still young and free sometime lazy person that I am still am despite the fact that I am turning 31 sometime in this late of August. When it will happen, I will late you know. Until that time, well, tried to find on the Web someone who’s more addict to the Stop Working thing. Just try. The fact that I am so into it had turn myself into a following guru and Stop Working had all the other books of Derek Foster well, they are powerful. And it’s kind of becoming a religion and his books the Bible. About Derek Foster being a hypocrite, well, I guess it was the reaction of a young person in front of the words of a guru. Nothing more. But I understand now, just that Derek Foster is too hot. The stuff is just too HOT. :0)

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