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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The TSX pushing today session at 12 108.09 points

This morning, I cannot tell the happiness I felt after seeing that the TSX had gains some points. This is greatly helping to stabilize my margin account situation. The past couple of days had been quite rough. I usually like to follow the market, but I had reached my limit of what my nerves can handle. I never doubt about my capacity to handle the margin, but while the market is in bad shape, there’s a limit of what I can handle, I cannot do miracle. I need to have the market on my side. I did not give up on the market and the market did not give up on me...

But here what it was like for the closing of yesterday August 8, 2011:

Non-registered portfolio value: 99 409$
Money used on margin: 40 481.52$
Money left on margin: 14 817.55$

Yesterday data were looking quite ugly. To see my non-registered portfolio stuck under the 100k was absolutely terrible. To response to the emergency situation, I wanted to sell my US investment and transferred the money into my Canadian non-registered account. I also wanted to transfer the investments hold in my TFSA to my non-registered account. But I did not proceed, because I had faith of being able to go through without having to transform my portfolio. A stupid damn faith in myself! LOL. I didn't want to have to call TD Waterhouse anyway.

Yesterday, I stay up late because even at 2AM, TD Waterhouse Balances sheet was not updated. I could have calculated manually the value of my margin, but it would have taken me a while to complete. So I went to bed at 2AM without knowing how was doing my margin account. However, I knew I was doing ok on the margin, it’s just I didn’t know how much was left on it. So I transferred back the 6k on my credit lines in order to avoid the high interest rate and the rest well...

On August 9, so far for today, my non-registered portfolio is at 103 630.72$!

Its been tough but I am doing ok on my margin.

A lot of this investment game is only base on psychology. Holding was necessary and in my case and it was a benefit. I am just hoping for the best. These past days had been difficult to handle. May the worst be behind. As always, my portfolio is rocking the place. Good you have me to read. Lucky you are ;0)


SPBrunner said...

Sorry, for getting comment grammar wrong. My account was down 1.8%.

However, I am glad you are fine on your margins.

I have never gotten completely out of the market at any time and I have been investing since the 1970's. So you are right, I believe, to stay in the market.

Sunny said...

Don't apologize for your grammar, mine is actually worst lol......

But still, a -1.8% is quite good knowing what's happening out there. It's actually very very good!

Thanks for sharing your data. It only deeply show how much of a good investor you are! So yeah, you are rocking the stock market! Way to go Susan!

At the worst time of the crash, my portfolio had lost 7% in value... and that's just being the non-registered Canadian part.

Investing on margin wasn't the smartest move ever. However, I like to share my experience so it may help other realize that investing on margin is not the easiest thing and its involve a high level of risk that now I understand more than ever.

There's hope for things to go better. Today was a good example and Wednesday is looking good as Australia and other market seem to have gain some points, from my understanding.

If I had been able to keep my margin in control so far, that mean everything is possible.

Thanks for your contribution.


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