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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What to do with your TMX Group (X) stocks by August 5, 2011

While being away, I received a voting package for TMX Group (X), a yellow sheet. Unfortunately, I was in vacations I just return yesterday and the limit date for the vote was June 28, 2011. It’s about the Maple Group proposal, which I am totally against. Banks and other Canadian financial institutions already control enough, if you want my point of view. Luc Bertrand is another of those banker pigs who want everything under his control. Imagine, Luc Bertrand own 500 000 stocks of TMX Group (X). And now, he’s acting as CEO of the Maple Group who wants to acquire the TMX Group! That’s a complete non-sense and investors have to recognize the lack of integrity, so common in Quebec, of Luc Bertrand. As a shareholder of the TMX Group (X), Bertrand is acting with a lot of dishonesty. What he’s looking for is to cash a big amount of money once the Maple Group will complete the acquisition of the TMX Group (X).

Investors like myself of the TMX Group (X) has until August 5, 2011, 11:59PM Eastern Time to take a decision: option 1: cash in the maximum of money of the 50$ per stock that is propose by the Maple Group OR option 2: get a maximum of stocks of the new Maple Group organization.

I don’t have any interest in the Maple Group and I just find it very stupid coming from the financial institutions to come with this plan that they cannot really afford anyway. It’s all a matter of money. Why do you think Thomas A. Kloet is running like a fool to get a deal completed? It’s all a matter of money and Kloet is showing sign of a big lack of integrity because he had declared before that the Maple Group would not be of a great benefit for the Toronto Stock Exchange. But now that the deal with the London Stock Exchange is dead and after paying million of dollars to the LSE, now, the idiot is running after the Maple Group to get a deal completed. But why?

Maple Group offer 50$ per stock for up to 80% of all of the X stocks that are out there. Currently, the TMX Group stocks do not worth 50$ per stock. The current value is below 44$ per stock. So see, what Thomas A. Kloet wants is CASH. And a lot of it. And it’s totally disgusting. Those bankers are getting paid million of dollars annually but that’s not enough for them. They need to destroy the Toronto Stock Exchange just to make even more money.

In Canada, we live in a corrupted financial system that allow idiots like Thomas A. Kloet, Brian Mulroney and Henri-Paul Rousseau do whatever they want. Stupid and idiot.There's nothing you can do to protect yourself because Canadian society accept corruption.

If you are currently a shareholder of the TMX Group, I will suggest you to select the option 1. Get a maximum of cash – you deserve it as much as I do – at no commission fee and get the hell out of the Maple Group. The Maple Group is evil, it’s an attempt from bankers to control it all. Once the deal completed, the Maple Group stocks value could drop. The Canadian Exchange is great yeah, but it doesn’t worth 50$ per stock. Once the acquisition completed, the stock value will drop. That’s what I think. I also see in this option 1 a great way to decrease my margin usage and a great way to make good cash on something that I would prefer not to happen: the destruction of the Toronto Stock Exchange by some Canadian financial PIGS. Go for the cash, stay away from the Maple Group.

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