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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is that it? Did the Toronto Stock Exchange had reached its bottom line yet?

Reaching the bottom line mean for me reaching the point where we had reached the lowest the TSX could go in those recent stock crash events. For a second day on a row, the TSX is gaining points (it was gaining points until a few minutes ago...). Most fantastic gains were yesterday. On today, the TSX remains stable. So far, TSX recorded a little loss of 5.39 points. For this morning, my non-registered portfolio is at a good 104 257.94$. I am confident that real soon, I will be back on my old 113k value.

Until it happen, I will continue to invest occasionally. This that, what is different is that I am only focusing on high quality stock. And I think TransCana Corporation (TRP) is among those high quality stocks that can help stabilize the value of my portfolio on the long run.

Like it was planned, I will be investing some bucks in TransCana Corporation (TRP) sometime tomorrow. TRP is currently trading at 39.40$.

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