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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My non-registered portfolio closing August 16 session at 109 714$

Just like unfortunately expected, my non-registered portfolio closed Tuesday session below the mark of the 110k. However, the results were not too bad for August 16, 2011:

Non-registered portfolio value: 109 714$
Money used on margin: 42 861.79$
Money left on margin: 18 170.20$

The market is fragile and may remains this way until Germany came with a solution for the Euro. While waiting for the Euro bonds, I think we’ll have to go through this yo-yo phase. Which meaning the TSX gaining points one day, and the next day, the same point gains disappeared... Over and over again. It takes more than just good investors to be on the today market world. It takes warriors willing to create wealth for the long term. I still believe in a buy-and-hold strategy. It’s just the market out of control volatility make it difficult to handle. But there’s nothing I can handle right.

A good stock market situation indicator is my Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. As long my investment in the Sprott Canadian worth at least 7 000$ (which was about the original amount invested back in 2008), well, that mean that the situation is not that bad. I will be feeling danger if the investment drops under the mark of 7 000$. That would mean that the situation is really getting dangerous for my margin, in the sense that will be in an in deep recession without knowing. The current recession is not that bad. My portfolio is getting through it. I continue to earn great dividend from my investments. My portfolio is very diversified and truly, if I had invested 7 000$ on the same spot, you can be sure I knew, back then, who was Eric Sprott and what the Sprott Canadian could do for me RRSP. I am still waiting for the extraordinary return to come. But while waiting, I appreciate the stability of my investment value. For those kind of things, I can be extremely patient. I just cannot wait to be in my 80s, be extremely rich and scream to the nurses who will be taking care of me: “See, I made it. I made a million out of the Sprott Canadian!” Yeah. And of course, at the age of 80, I will still be blogging and counting each single penny I have. At 30 or 80, everything will be the same damn thing.

While patiently waiting to be rich, I can always dream of...:0)))

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