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Monday, August 15, 2011

Sprott Inc. (SII) getting on the spotlight

And for the good reasons. Globe and Mail article mentions Sprott Inc. (SII) as a good pick. Price had been target at 11$. Maybe my 1 000+ stocks will turn into... gold... or almost. What do you think? Also, for a margin loan, Sprott Inc. (SII), despite being at less than 10$ per stock currently, well, at TD Waterhouse, SII has a loan margin value of 50%. This is HUGE. Knowing all that, now you know that SII is a good pick. The good picks? They are ALL in my portfolio. ;0)

"The increasing macroeconomic headwinds favour Sprott Inc.’s (SII-T8.70-0.09-1.02%) bearish investment stance and could help boost the asset management company’s net sales, said RBC Dominion Securities Inc. analyst Geoffrey Kwan. “Furthermore, we believe Sprott is a more diversified asset manager with multiple platforms to drive future growth and has greater growth opportunities relative to peers,” he said.
Upside: Mr. Kwan upgraded Sprott to “outperform” while raising his 12-month price target by $1.50 to $11."

Thank you Mr. Kwan. Thank you.

Geoffrey Kwan is an analyst for the RBC Dominion Securities Inc. Seem like this one actually knows what he's talking about.


Rob said...

The article also mentions Kinross. It is one of the big boys ala Barrick and Goldcorp. I used to own it but dumped it shortly after it took over Red Back Mining as I figured there would be a consolidation period. It is probably the major with the most potential. I don't own it but am seriously considering accumulating a position in it. And for interests sake, here are my portfolio returns.

8/15/2010 - 8/15/2011 +75%
1/01/2011 - 8/15/2011 +21%

And to be absolutely fair just so you know this is a high risk sector...the returns just before the drive by shooting in silver on May 1, 2011.

4/28/2011 - 8/15/2011 -31%

Sunny said...

Thanks for sharing your data. I was happy to read that article today because it mention Sprott Inc. and I had been holding SII in my portfolio since 2008. The title had been badly affected by the 2008 stock crash, but for the most recent one, it went through ok and I was completely amazed because I was ready to see the stock go down under 5$... But this time, it did not happen... But true that this time, things are completely different and Sprott is now managing more than 10 billion in asset.

Kinross seem to be interesting for the way you talk about it. I don't know that one yet.

I add silver like anything else, but a gold and silver only portfolio is way too risky for me. However, I admire your success.


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