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Friday, August 12, 2011

A night spent with the Awkward Family Photos

I had been quite busy lately at being lazy... I guess it could be the market stress of the past couple days, don’t ask me what it is, my nerves had been attacked badly... but these days I am sleeping in very late. My bed and groceries shopping had not been done and I have tonne of laundry to do. But yesterday, I spend a big part of the night on this Web site and I could not stop laughing and laughing very hilarious Web site: Awkward Family Photos. It’s a very funny page and I with all that fun, I went to bed at 3AM... and now, I am asking myself why I cannot wake up? Being lazy is great sometime, I can assure you.

And while sleeping peacefully this morning-part of the afternoon, my non-registered portfolio is now at a very beautiful 109 877.11$. I am getting closer to the original 113k of BEFORE the August crash and I like that. I like that very much.

Nothing has been done from my home work, BUT, the non-registered portfolio had performed extremely well. Those data of for yesterday August 11, 2011:

Non-registered portfolio value: 108 684$
Money used on margin: 40 899.59$
Money left on margin: 19 605.78$

I like to believe that the worst is now behind us and that the bottom line had been reached. If it continues that way, I will take a couple of thousands of $ from the margin and put it on the 10k credit line I have at 7.52%. I guess I could begin with a 2k, in other not to take too much from the margin. And if goes very well, I could add another 1, 2 or 3k on, depending of what’s going on.

The weekend is going to be very relax and lazy but I really need to get that laundry done. Anyone volunteer?

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