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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This is my 900th post!

My non-registered portfolio is going well despite the fact that the TSX loss more than 100 points. I am currently at 109K. All that trouble just for the European countries who just can handle themselves properly. If it wouldn’t be for the very strong Germany, it would have been a long time that the Euro will have collapse. France? Don’t count on France to save the Euro. It’s the Germany who’s holding the whole thing all by itself. Anyhow, I am hoping for a relatively stable market because it’s not true I am going to wake up on time for the market opening each single day of the week. NO WAY :0) But a good news being, Germany is strong enough to handle it all. I am not under the impression that we will be hit by another market crash, but absolutely anything and everything can happen.

I should take time to update my portfolio value. My last update was back in the beginning of July. I was in vacations for the last 2 weeks of July. And after, in August, we had the stock crash. I never update my portfolio in bad times. Just in good times. It’s a matter of psychology. I won’t show off my results in bad times but I will write about it.

I am just very happy the TSX did not loss too much points and I am very happy that a reader share this new one with me: Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Investment Company Limited (FAP). It’s quite an impressive company and I will be working on a post about this one. There are really little things online being said about this stock. But that’s about to change soon. Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Investment Company Limited (FAP) going to be in what you know what.

Happy blogging, you are reading my 900th post! Got to reached the 1000 BEFORE my birthday!

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Silverclan said...

Hey check out and search the boards for some info on FAP alot of people on that forum DRIP FAP and that's where I first learned about it!
Good luck


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