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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another day end and tomorrow is another day

Yesterday, I begin my day at 10 this morning and end it at midnight. I am lucking for 1 100$-1 200$ in paycheck. I am not going overtime tomorrow. I am looking for to a 10 or 11 or 8 hours shift. It does all depend if I can wake up early or not.

I gave a call at my weekend job. I was way too curious to find out if there was worked available for me. At this time, there’s none, but projects should start in the upcoming weeks. Anyway, if I will call again on November if I don’t get any use from them. I am use to that job, sometimes there’s work, sometimes not. But when work become available, I am usually good for a couple of months straight in a row.

The overtime I have available at my evening job is really saving me. But as you can imagine, there’s no overtime for nothing. We are currently all overworking right now at the call center I work. For now, I am happy on how things are going on. I didn’t begin my search for a daytime job yet, since I had been so busy with the overtime. I prefer to do overtime now rather than job searching, because big money will become available not in 2 weeks or one month from now (depending on how hard it will be for me to find something) – but directly at my next paycheck.

I am quite of disappointed with my lost for today regarding my investment portfolio. But I guess the TSX will keep playing the yo-yo and with my heart lol until more sustainable jobs being created in Canada and the US. It’s a difficult time, but a good time to invest in stocks I believe. And talking stocks, I plan to do majors change in my portfolio.

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