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Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting back on track

This weekend, I didn’t do nothing much. I was in a mood to nothing at all. I wake up late on both days, went to bed way to late too. It was a nice time off I have to say, especially today. The weather was beautiful today in Montreal. I went for a walk to the Park Lafontaine. The sun was out and it was pretty cool.

This weekend, I could have did some hours at my job since there’s currently overtime available, study the bank Web site for which I am probably be working for, got a hair cut, do my grocery, my laundry, clean my cutty little apartment, cook for my lunch… But guess what, I didn’t do anything of the above. Nothing at all lol.

At a point, I have too much things I am giving myself to do and well, at the end, I am ending doing nothing at all. But I have to say, I feel tired. True I walk a lot today, but I shouldn’t feel tired, especially after a weekend, but I do feel tired. Part of this laziness of mine coming from the other job. Like I am still waiting for a formal confirmation. Is a security check supposed to be long? I got my interview last Monday. I felt out the form, got the letter saying I am employed, but I was told I have to wait for their call before showing up to the training. But I cannot stand waiting anymore. It’s the reason why I cannot do anything right now. I need to know as soon as possible or I am going to die… Of course I am not truly thinking this – but its partly describe my state of mind at this time. Also, I need to give a notice for my schedule at my evening job. I want to continue to work there, but it’s just my hours will change a bit, but I am confident it won’t be a problem. At this time, I just want to know where I am going. And still, giving them a call won’t look like I am doing too much as they know I am currently working…

If the whole situation turn good for me, I will be giving an answer while calling tomorrow, I will be tell that everything is ok and for the hours giving at my evening job well, it’s going to work fine too lol….

I didn’t hear from my weekend job in a really long time now, so I guess there’s still no work available. Those times are kind of stuff. I am still able to manage, but it’s tough and rough. And having a job without really knowing if it’s official or not is even harder. Stupidly, I sign on for a credit card with the bank – maybe too quickly. But I like credit card, I just couldn’t say no to a credit card offer.

And just to come back to my credit card debts, I completely pay off my TD Visa. Since I am not working as an escort girl lol, I plan to do a balance transfer for the 500$ (which couldn’t get higher soon) from CIBC Visa to my TD Visa, at the rate of 4.9%. With only 70$ or so left in my banking account, I am very happy to have that balance transfer available. I am saying that my credit card could get higher, because if I have my banking job, I might be in a mood to do some shopping. But it won’t be too much. If I can finally have an official yes. So tomorrow is the true day, the day if I am going to know (or not) what’s going to happen next to my little person. In case of a negative answer, it won't be the end of the world, I will register to a dating site and start dating, just to do something with myself. Sure someome out there somewhere want to date me....

Other than the stress of not knowing for sure, I am pretty happy with everything right now. My investment portfolio is doing well. I just cannot wait to purchase more stocks. As soon as I receive the confirmation that I got the job, I will definitely look into open a broker account with the bank and I will try to put money aside for future trading. Looking good for a first 60 000$.

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