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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pay night

I did some overtime today. I was completed exhausted, until I went out for a coffee late in the evening. My goal is to do 6 hours extra tomorrow AND on Friday… I really need the money. I would very much like to earn as much as I can on the next paycheck. Really crazy put the overtime is full-open, I finally ask. So I did 4 extra hours today, plan to do 6 hours extra tomorrow on top of my regular shift lol… I just have a few hundreds dollars left to pay on my TD Visa and CIBC Visa so I really want to pay it all. And after, no more expenses. I need to do my lunch and drink my own tea instead of drinking coffee. But I have to say, I am not suffering too much from my expenses. And this night is pay night… just received a 1 033$ paycheck. Which I was really in need of. I might have enough to cover the totality of my TD Visa actually. But after (counting after the rent of November…) I will have left 73$... I prefer to only have left 73$ in my banking account and pay out my debts. I am so close of being out of credit card debt. I really need to focus and control my expenses. And for me it’s me cut on junk. I might fit better in my jeans after that… To my surprise, my investment portfolio – the stocks and units one – is doing just fine. I am just praying to see Sprott Canadian Equity to reach the 35$ per unit. I want to see this now 50 000$ reach in investment to continue to grow until I start loosing weight.

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