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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My job interview of today went fine

I went to my job interview today. I was asked different questions regarding job in a call center. They were mostly general questions, situation questions kind of like. The interview went ok and I was told I will receive a call by the end of the week for a second interview. And to my surprise, I received a call when I was at my evening job. I call right back away. There was a spot available tomorrow, but it was too close to my evening shift, so instead, I took the interview for Monday morning.

It gives me a bit of time ahead just to prepare myself a bit more for an interview. Not that I wasn’t prepare for today interview. But with the fatigue, stress, etc., the interview of today wasn’t spectacular. My problem is I am feeling very tired at this time, even if I sleep well. Maybe it’s the weather change that is affective me. Until Monday, I have a lot to do as I want to do some overtime and catch up with different things I need to get done. If, by any chance, I got the job, I will be one of the happiest girls of the world. Working at 2 jobs during weekdays will be tough, but if I do not work 2 days straight, I think I will be able to handle it. The training will be during daytime, and during the evening, I will be working at my current job… And money will finally arrive. It’s been quite a long time now that I had been living on one salary only and I miss the money.

I cannot wait to have my bank account and other stuff with the bank I will be working for. I am just hoping for a discount for a broker account too. Just very curious about the free bank stuff employees can get. I never heard of it before. Maybe not free, but at a discount price. That part is pretty intriguing. Going for bed for now, exhausted by my day and I didn’t do that much at all.

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