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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dividend week for Just Energy Income Fund

I just received 21.08$ on today for the dividend of September for Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). I earn one extra unit. I am now at 405 units of Just Energy Income Fund.

My investment portfolio of stocks and units is currently at 26 628$, up of 109$. My Sprott Canadian Equity Fund if also up t more than 31$ per unit, for the second day of the row. I guess I might be around 53 500$ right now or somewhere close. Anyway, I won’t recalculate the whole thing again, it’s require way too much of work lol. I am just glad everything is going well. At this point, I need more cash to extend my investment portfolio and I need the TSX to gain more points. The combination of both (salary and TSX gain) could make my gin thousands of dollars more. I could easily reach the 65 000$ without too much work. 50 000$ is a fun goal, but wouldn’t be fun if I could reach the 100 000$? It’s not an impossible goal.

As for now, I am happy with the gain made so far. My Great-West Life portfolio is now up to 1 678.07$. 100$ over here, 100$ over there… at the end, all those little gain can easily make 1 000$ in gain. At this point, My first 50 000$ is taking form and all this worth actually something. My motivation is not to come and say: hey, look at how much I worth! I like my blog because it’s offer me the possibility to explain that it’s possible to accumulate mass of money, even at a middle class salary. And it’s also possible to make money from money (that will be the dividend). Not that I like Derek Foster that much that I want to do just like him lol, but what I like, is the possibility, the possibility to make a living from my investment. And what come next for me as a step is now: will I continue, does it worth it to invest all my savings on the stock market? Sometimes, I told myself wow, 50 000$ is a lot of money, what am I doing here, investing in stocks and units? But that impression never last for long. I always told myself that if I would loose too much, I will stop. Currently, from my stocks and units portfolio, I had lost a bit more than 8 000$. So far, in my broker account, I had invested just a bit more than 40 000$. From that money, I lost 8 000$. I lost the money in Timminco, Sprott (SII) and in Sprott Canadian Equity mutual fund. Also with Blue Note Mining. Even while facing money lost, am still not at the point where I am not going to invest anymore. I believe I will be able to recover from those loses pretty easily. I still believe in my chance and its look to me like the stock market was made just for me, so I can win big at this game.

For my next investment, I want BRC.UN, Enbridge, BA.UN among other. I don’t think I can lose with those picks. As long as I remain with dividend payer stocks and units and forget about penny stocks, I won’t loose money. As long my portfolio keep growing in all kind of crazy directions, I won’t loose, I will gain. And reaching that 50 000$ in investment had made myself felt that I cannot remove myself from the market because I have too much too earn and gain from it. That’s exactly how I feel at this point.

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