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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Work problems

I have so much to say on what happen today! My evening job really sucks! They are so rude! Or I should say one of the managers with no education was rude with me today. I know the schedule for next week is not out yet, so it’s giving me all the time of the world to have my schedule change to the new one I wanted to submit. But I was told I couldn’t select my own schedule and so… Just of a remembrance of whom I am: a simple employee… So when I ask for an update of my request later on in the afternoon, I was told by the poor man that he had a meeting…

After 2 years being at that job, I never took vacations, I never miss one single day of work, I had always been available to do some overtime. And now what? In return, I am being treated really disrespectfully. Not to talk about the shift trade I had been generously being doing with my colleagues when they where in need of a weekend days. I did several times those kinds of shift trades while I was out of my weekend job. I never ask for anything. And now, with my only request in 2 years, I am being rude. I do not do drugs, I don’t hold a criminal record, I am always at work. And what do I got in return? NOTHING.

More than a year ago, I ask for a regular shift, from Monday to Friday, I ask for the evening shift, and I got it. Now, I am asking for another shift, and nothing is happening. Why? Because the poor guy didn’t want to submit my request right away. Just too lazy. I know he didn’t. Because more than a year ago, the exact same thing happen to me. It took me 2 weeks to get my regular schedule. But this time, it’s going to go faster, I am not done with them. No one have the right to refuse a shift change to me knowing how hard I had been working for them. So guess that tomorrow I will have to wake up early to see the supervisor in charge, another one of course. And we’ll see from there.

Some managers are so lazy; they are not willing to do anything to support their team. But their employees should be their top priority. There’s just no caring in their manners something. Just too often. If I would be a manger, had an employee who never miss a day of work always doing overtime asking for a favor, of course I will provide whatever the employee want. I should be their top priority ad that’s what I am going to say and explain tomorrow: your employees should be your top priority. The schedule change I am asking is not that much as a change. Sure tomorrow I am going to wake up early and go see someone else. And I am going to filed out a bunch of complaints. So lazy, so disrespectful!!!! A I am very upset right now because it’s the second time ever I am facing problem with my schedule at that job.

But could it be it, wouldn’t be just the time for me to move on, concentrate on my training and than, when I get my fix schedule after the 6 weeks training look for a second job if I want to? This could be the perfect solution, depending of the answer I will be getting from my evening job tomorrow.

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