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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I also sell LIV.UN earlier today

And everything went well. I sell my 102 units of Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN) at 6.55$ per unit. I didn’t get any extra fees for selling 102 and not 100 units, which I am pretty happy.

More about PGF.UN

As you can imagine, while at work, I quickly check for the value of PGF.UN. And… to my surprise, it’s up to 10.71$! Of course, if I would had known, I would had wait to sell my units of PGF.UN. But still, I was able to make a profit from my sell and personally, I wasn’t too happy about fact that PGF.UN are cutting again their distribution, second time since a couple of months. For nothing in the world I regret my sell of PGF.UN. No one can predict how the market will be. In this case, I was very surprises to see PGF.UN increase today as a dividend cut of 30% had been announced by the company this last Friday.

On Friday, I was very upset, because everything was working so fine. It’s seem like I can never take a complete rest. I was receiving an average of 65$ per month. PGF.UN was my main dividend contributor. I really like PGF.UN. But with our dividend goal of our, I prefer to sell. I do not regret the sell because at the time, on the moment, it seems to be the best thing to do. Probably PGF.UN will gain in value again in the future, but enough is enough, I have enough of distribution cut. And Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN) is no longer from my portfolio, same thing for PGF.UN and I am pretty happy about it.

Nothing happen for nothing…

I had prepared myself a check for CIBC Visa of the amount of 350$, a couple of days ago. But I never went at the CIBC to make the deposit because in the last couple of days, I wake up late all the time. And thank God I did! If it wouldn’t be of that extra 350$ available, I wouldn’t be able to place my next order for Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). Now, I just have enough to cover 200 units of Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN). And I will have a little left over to cover the minimum payment on my credit line.

I just placed a purchase order of 200 units of Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) at the highest price of 13.85$. I hope my order will go smoothly and that I will find my purchase order completed when I wake up.

So it’s seemed like everything turn for the best for now. Let’s take it one thing at the time. I felt a lot better today, once I wake up before leaving for work. At a point, it was a lot of stress for me as it was my first real sell experience and it went well.

Again, some dividend calculations


Our current dividend gains so far: 1 466.96$ +

From our new PIF.UN units (300 units): 39$ x 3 months left:
November-December 2009 = 117$
From our new JE.UN units (200 units of tomorrow): 20.66$ x 3 months left:
November-December 2009 = 61.98$

Our current 1 466.96$ + 117$ + 61.98$ = 1 645.94$ by the end of December 2009. Not bad at all. For 2010, we should received around 2 182.96$ in annual dividend earnings. And since we are enroll to a DRIP to all of our investment, we can easily add a 100$ on top of that. Which will make 2 282.96$, for an average of 190$/per month. Really not bad!

I am just hoping that in the meantime, JE.UN and PIF.UN and all the others I have in my investment portfolio will continue to pay dividend.

Some left over…

This is very hilarious and funny situation. Today, we sell all of our 650 units of PGF.UN. Nothing new here. But we are still eligible to receive PGF.UN dividend for this month. Since we were unroll on a DRIP, we will received new units of PGF.UN, probably 5 or 6 new units that will be add to our portfolio while no PGF.UN units are currently in there. See, because we sell after the record date, we are eligible to received PGF.UN dividend for the month of October. Since we didn’t cancel the DRIP before the record date well, we will receive some units – in units form – in our awesome portfolio. I had the confirmation coming from TD. This is not bothering me at all, just I would have preferred to receive the money in cash but I am not the one who fixes the rules… This is going to look crazy in our portfolio. But this is a sign – our relation with PGF.UN is not over yet. Guess I will invest more in PGF.UN in the future. Just that we have dividend goal, see. Going to bed now, if I wake up early enough to do my stuff, might be able to go to the movies.

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