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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Free Saturday and District 9

Today was a funny day. I wake up late. After, I clean my place. I might had pass around 3 hours cleaning my one and a half apartment. I just now have some laundry left to do. I am glad I am done with the cleaning. I hate to clean my place, but I « try » o do it at least one every 2 weeks. The benefit of living in a tiny 1 ½ is that it’s doesn’t require that much cleaning and that’s perfect for me lol. A 2 and half might be better for me. A one and half apartment is quite small and I am missing some storage room. I hope to one day move and get a 2 and half apartment somewhere on Montreal Island, close to a metro. So, after the cleaning, I go out for lunch and went downtown. Later on I went to the theatre and saw that strange movie, call District 9. Certainly didn’t worth the 12$ I pay for, but it was kind of ok. It’s a lost colder outside now. It’s just sad that summer went so quickly.

Tomorrow Sunday I have overtime available, I will try to go to work in the morning. And after, I will try to prepare myself for the interview. Always so much to do. I would like to have the job even if the pay is low. Advantage (including health insurance) are available on the first day we start working. So for sure, I will take my time to go to the dentist. At my current job, we have social bonus, but I never sign up for them… Its just one of those things I never took the time to do. For now, what I really wish for is that the interview went well and that I will be able to work at those 2 jobs at the same time. I was told already that the training is during the daytime. Wouldn’t be nice if I could the training there during daytime and work my regular night shift just like usual? That could mean a lot of cash in order to purchase BRC.UN and maybe even Enbridge… Finally! I just cannot wait to add something new to my investment portfolio.

And I cannot wait for Tuesday to come.


moneymate said...

As crazy as it may sound, I'd rather Tuesday don't come too soon.

I enjoy time off from work :lol:

Happy Thanksgiving! :D

Sunny said...

Happy Thanksgiving yourself too! I just cannot wait for my interview to complete and over. Stressful!

Rahul said...

Thanks for commenting in my blog. You are investing huge money. as shown in side bar.

Sunny said...

No problem Rahul, thanks for visiting my blog :)


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