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Friday, October 9, 2009

My job searching progress

I begin my job search and I got a first interview next week for a job. Problem being: I might not be able to work someplace else while working for them (a major Canadian bank). I couldn’t lie, the job require experience in a call center as a customer representative and the only place I got that kind of experience is at my current job. Normally, when I apply at a job, I am pretty smart, I don’t expose my newest experience and until now, it work pretty well, and it allow me to work at several jobs at the same time.

But the job of today required experience as customer representative and I was asked if I was still working there, and I answer yes… I couldn’t lie, especially on that. Over the phone, the interviewer told me that I probably wouldn’t be able to work someplace else while working for them. But hey, at the salary that they are paying (less than 30 000$), how can they imagine I will stick with only one job? Anyway, I didn’t discuss much over the phone as I didn’t want to ruin all of my chances right from the start. As for the salary, it’s the salary I was told over the phone, which I said was ok. They have evening shift available, which are perfect for me, it will allow me to work daytime at the job I am right now. I could probably work something out and I could possibly earn more than 40 000$ this way. Wouldn’t be cool? Will God let me do this for my own faith? Anyway, I don’t know what God want from me, but what I want is some cash. And I want it right now!

But remember, this is my first interview, which I am pretty happy about. And I am thinking about taking the offer. I am not looking specially to work with a bank. It’s just happen that way. Actually, I should explain to them that I don’t want to be a simple CSR (customer rep), but I actually want to become one of their mutual funds manager lol. No one is better than me, right?

I should probably explain that to them at the time I present myself to the interview next week. Sure I am going to get the job right away this way. Crazy.

About my stocks and units investment portfolio

It’s getting better and better and I am proud of my move (selling PGF.UN), even if PGF.UN increase in value today. After loosing so much money with Sprott Inc. (SII) and Timminco (TIM), I didn’t want the same story to happen again. So I sell PGF.UN. And truly, I don’t regret it because this awesome move had saved our dividend annual income. Awesome! I am actually really proud of that. And I would be even prouder if I could find any cash to invest in BRC.UN.

And what’s next?

Job searching! Cleaning, cooking and laundry. And a visit to my PO Box. Overtime… I want today at the RBC of Ville-Marie downtown Montreal, but something happen during the afternoon at Ville-Marie and the RBC Bank was close. I cannot wait to pay of my RBC Credit card. I have 469.10$ to pay off. By the end of October, I will be credit card debt free.

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