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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dividend, overtime and job interview

Other dividend earnings

Earlier this week, I earn 27.08$ from Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) and 13.13$ from Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN). I was very happy to finally receive my dividend. And I can’t simply wait for next month. It’s going to be just even better. For the month of October, I am only missing 2 dividend incomes. I should received sometimes next week or so 65$ from PGF.UN (that I now had sold) and BNS (50.47$).

Job interview

I have my final interview tomorrow. I hope to get the job. The weekend went pretty smoothly. I went to work yesterday and I took it off today. I did some cleaning (amazing my apartment is super clean lol), I later on went downtown for a little while and buy a pair of earrings. It was beautiful in Montreal today, the sun was out, and the weather was perfect. A nice autumn day, just the way I like them.

With the overtime I did this weekend, I hope to get around 900$ paycheck. I would had need 1 100$, but I didn’t do enough extra hours. But I will catch up on next pay. For the job I am going to an interview tomorrow, the training start in November. Its giving me some time ahead to do some overtime.

Is there a way out?

If I get the job I am going to for an interview tomorrow, I hope to do the training, which is suppose to be during daytime and keep my evening job. I would like to work at both jobs for the upcoming months… until I hit the 150 000$ in investments. And looking things this way, I am not too far away from my goal. I am currently, let say roughly at 55 000$. I am currently only missing 97 000$. If I am lucky enough to work at both job, I could probably invest close to 30 000$ per year in my investment portfolio. Which mean that in about 3 years, I could have 150 000$ and even more I hope, in assets. I am willing to give this plan a try.

At this time, I would like to reach the 60 000$ in assets by the end of the year. This could work if the TSX remain stable until that time and that I get hired at the job I am going for an interview tomorrow… It’s quite stressful, job interview always stress me. It’s about getting my social insurance number and stuff, giving my papers for diploma, present 2 pieces of ID. I guess it’s just for a background check… And everything should be fine since I am a very rich-lucky-girl. :))))

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