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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My 6 units of Pengrowth Energy are now in!

Fun PGF.UN dividend

This is really funny. I had sold my units of PGF.UN previously this month. I had than sold all of my units, because PGF.UN had cut their dividend distribution and is wasn’t fitting well in our dividend goal. I am happy with the changes in my investment portfolio. Just yesterday, I had received 65$ in dividend from PGF.UN. But the dividend came in form of units…. So I now have 6 units of PGF.UN in my portfolio… And I will earn a few cents from their very tow low paying dividend lol. That was for the funny part. Stuck with PGF.UN forever… But PGF.UN is not a bad investment. It’s just the dividend cut that is annoying.

Work and overtime

As for the work part, I will try to arrive early (12PM) at my job today. Those are my only 2 weeks left. There was a problem with the system yesterday, so I guess today we might receive a lot of calls and a lot of calls = overtime. My throat is bad today. It may be time for a scarf and gloves…

Investment: Timminco going better

Timminco (TIM) is gaining is value! This is the first time since a very long time that the value of Timminco gains in price… Timminco had increased their production and had called back their employees for work. Very good news! Since we still hold Timminco, we hope for the best and any increase in value will be welcome coming from our part. Also, Sprott Canadian Equity Fund is going better too. Currently, our stocks and units portfolio is at 27 142.06$! Which is an increase of 623.06$! Even better than yesterday. We really deserve this! Hope things will continue this way.

Is it the beginning of a new financial crisis?

I read somewhere that the increase of the price of gold and the too quick increase of the stock market might be sign of another crisis… But didn’t I get enough yet? Lol… So is it time to sell my valuable investments? NO… We will deal what is next to come, with anxiety and stress………. But investing is that much stress. Sure it’s awful to see the TSX loosing points, but with all the money the governments across the world put into companies, into the stock market, I remain confident. I taught we were out of it now. And my way to see it is that the crisis had affected the richest among us. Which mean they had valuables left, like cars, boats, etc… And that once sold its providing money… So they cannot be left without any money to spend, since they continue to live……. Isn’t a crazy taught? But my taught was that because the crisis had affected a country like the US, people might had savings, if not goods they can live on while being under their employment benefits for a short period of time. Things might not come like it was before in less than 2 or 3 years, but still. 2 or 3 years is not that long. It’s not the end of the world. It’s the beginning of a new world. Hope institutions will look deeper into things and make sure it will never happen again.

Other than that, exciting times for me as I continue to wait for news from my new job but I guess it should be ok because after doing all the papers and opening what I had to open well, if I am not definitely hired… It just the waiting delay is annoying. But a security check is just a security check, right? Like I don’t want to spend my weekend at studying over something that might not happen.

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