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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Job searching for the money

I work on my French resume and I probably begin my job search right today. I wake up early today! It’s currently 8:38AM… I might be very motivated by something…. Might be the money lol. I need cash to bring some 100 units of BRC.UN in my portfolio. I want those!

Yesterday, JE.UN close at 13.98$ when I had purchased 200 units at 13.84$. I made a little profit right here in just in a day. I am happy that all those transactions are now over. Feeling better now, but it make me laugh because since I sell, PGF.UN price continue to rise… until 10.71$. I could had made an extra 475$ in profit if I would had sell at that price but anyway, I will say that life not just all about money. I guess some other investors might had done the same thing as myself.

I cannot wait for tonight to come, as I am expecting a big paycheck of at least 1 100$. After what, tomorrow I will be able to pay off my RBC credit card, a major part of my CIBC Visa and maybe just the minimum payment for my TD Visa. I will pay as much as I can, but I need to keep 200$ in my pocket for my next month as I don’t know if there’s overtime available.

I saw colleagues of mine who really have enough of that job as their vacations had been refused. I never asked for vacation and I am close to the 2 000$ in vacations pay. I would like to cash in the money – or leave the vacations money there until I leave and cash it out… But at a point, I feel I might need, someday, those vacations lol.

Anyway for now, what I have enough is that there is no ventilation and its smell and its too hot. But most of the time, its relatively ok. For now, I am job searching. I would like to find something in my field and if not well, I will continue the way I am.

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