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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

380 stocks of WEQ.UN

Sad day for Japanese people today... Prayers for the victims.

The TSX is loosing points, but its a natural consequence of what's going on.

I know its awful to say, but there might be some good opportunities right now. Take a look at TD, PHS.U etc... As for myself, I purchase 380 units of WEQ.UN at 5.40$. But you can have it at cheaper if you plan to stay in front of your laptop all day today...

Despite I am trading today, I feel sad for the Japanese. I am just trying to help myself by adding something new to my portfolio.


savage said...

What made you choose WEQ.UN?

Sunny said...

A reader wrote to me about WEQ.UN. I wanted something new to invest in, and I got it... WEQ.UN is paying a good dividend yield. It's been recommend Buy and Strong Buy by analysts. The latest financial results are very good. I invest a bit more than 2k in the company but won't invest more. Something be careful with, but interesting company to hold.


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