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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday night Montreal Supermoon

Yesterday night was a Supermoon night. I have to say, the moon was particularly beautiful. After I finish work, I went straight to bed as I was exhausted of my week. But I was able to wake up at 10pm to see the Supermoon. I went all downtown St-Laurent Boulevard to the Old Montreal. Some people were taking pictures, but not too many. The Old Montreal was too quiet and there wasn’t much going on, expect at the door of night clubs. The Old Montreal can be kind of boring sometime, especially late at night. Everything was close there, not even one coffee shop was open. I was happy to be there anyway as I really wanted to see the Supermoon... I saw it, the moon was beautiful, as stunning as a precious stone in the Montreal sky. You’ll see a few pictures in here.

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