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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting ready for my 2010 tax declaration

I now have all the papers needed to do my 2010 tax declaration. I had worked quite a lot in 2010. Before deduction, I earn 49 398.99$ in work income + 4 112.42$ in dividend earning + 100$ or so in capital gains + around 300$ or so in online money. I didn’t trade that much in 2010. I mostly buy and hold. Overall, that makes more than 50k in income. Could seem great, but that 50k in salary include I don’t know how many hours working at 3 different jobs... Anyhow, if I calculate after all deductions, it makes something like 43 838.03$. This includes the 30% taxable dividend income.

For 2010, I made a RRSP contribution of 7 048$. 43 838.03$ - 7 048$ = 36 789.41$. My taxable income is of 36 789.41$. I use MorningStar Marginal Tax Calculator to see if I already pay enough in taxes. According to the Marginal Tax Calculator, I have 3 308$ in Federal tax and 4 206$ in Quebec provincial tax, for a total of 7 513$.

I know it’s not like this I should calculate it, but: 49 398.99$ - 43 838.03$ = 5 560.96$ (suppose this is the amount I pay in taxes for 2010...)

7 513$ - 5 560.96$ = 1 952.04$

Does it mean I will have to pay 1 952.04$ in taxes?

I don’t think so. It will be less than 1 952.04$, but I may have a little extra to pay in taxes. For 2010, I had gain about the same salary and had made a 10 000$ RRSP contribution. At that time, I had paid something around 500$ extra in taxes.

10 000$ = 500$
7 000$ = ?

7 000$ x 500$ / 10 000$ = 350$ + 500$ = 850$

850$ makes a bit more sense but even here, I know my way of calculating it is far of being accurate... Anyhow, I need to have at least a 1 000$ ready in safe in case I need to pay extra in taxes...

This calculation do not include my tax credit for around 4 months of public transportation (from January to March or April 2009 – after what, I gave up on metro pass and only use my 2 feet to go everywhere...), my student loan, tax credit for dividend and other tax credit for investment loan. I am not exactly sure of what is eligible regarding all of the money I borrowed for investment. But once I find out, it will make a great post idea.

In other words: more money, more problems.


Anonymous said...

How much are you accounts up or down in value from the beginning of 2010, subtracting your new investments of course, to get the true increase or fall.

I was up 60% in one account, and 25% in another, including dividends.

I think you are about to feel some fiscal pain. This could be the beginning of the end for stocks. Countries are going bankrupt as you may have noticed. Europe, Britian and then US. Pay attention to gov't debt and deficits.

I sold half my equities position to lock in profits this week.

Dale Roberts

Anonymous said...


As long as there is greed (and there has always been), the market will go up over the long term.

Short term blips do not count for a dividend investor. THAT is why we buy dividend-yielding stocks. To get paid while we wait....


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