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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time has come to pay off some debt?

Today, something strange happen and it makes me realize something. Well, it wasn’t exactly strange, but anyway, I use to purchase one or 2 lotteries ticket every week and a couple of scratch and win tickets if you see what I am talking about, but not that much. I just like to play lottery, but I do not over-play. I didn’t win the jackpot yet lol... but I win a free Lotto Max ticket. Yeah! But as for my scratch and win tickets, I didn’t win anything. And there I was, thinking oh, I didn’t win... And there, I taught about the 2 000$ I had deposit this last Friday in my broker account.

Yeah, 2 000$! Don’t ask me how I make it possible to save such money, but the 2 000$ was really from my checking account (and now there’s less than 100$ left!) and since my rent and other was paid for this month and that I am going to earn a paycheque from my weekend job this week and the week after another one from my daytime job well, I taught, let’s go for it, let’s go purchase 100 units of REIT INDEXPLUS Income Fund!

But after scratching my tickets and after I didn’t win, I taught about this newest investment I wanted to made and I taught: am I pushing my luck too far? I had in mind the comments of the Dividend Lover about my debt situation, that after a certain point, it didn’t worth it to go too deep into debt for investment because it’s just not good exceeding a point etc. etc. etc... And at this point, I am close to 70k in debt... But... I really like my portfolio at this all. For 2011, including the dividend received so far, its 6 778.83$ in dividend income, not to include the RRSP dividend ones... Including the RRSP dividend, its reached 7 112.59$. Currently, the value of my portfolio is down of maybe 4k, but it’s in result of the fluctuation of the market. So why should I pay debt instead of investing?

I have real problem to focus on paying debt but yesterday, something happen that make me realize that this might be a good time. So Monday, I will take a 2 000$ + an extra 1 000$ from my margin and deposit that money on my 10 000$ credit line.

After reaching and even the exceeding the 151k in assets, I was happy because I could see I was finally going somewhere. My net worth after debt was of 82k, I was earning great dividend, etc. This is all fantastic but I reach the point where I need to pay off some debt, even just a couple thousand dollars.

Which mean I won’t invest new money in my portfolio over the next months, but I will continue to look into new opportunities. I am still looking forward to make some money out of HZU and, why not, maybe even X, among other. And well, among the way, I could changed my mind and take on some money to invest if SP Brunner is coming on with something as great as K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL).

This seems a bit unreal at this time still. Paying debt... I would really like to get into the REIT INDEXPLUS Income Fund for 100 units. It would had bring in 78$ extra in dividend. I don’t think I am really pushing my luck too far anyway.

And stay tune, because as requested, I will be posting the gain and new investments made in 2010 soon!

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