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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The new power is gas, according to the Globe and Mail

The following article from the Globe and Mail could explains EnCana magic gains of yesterday. This mean EnCana could continue to gain in value.


The Dividend Ninja said...

LOL I sold 3 weeks ago, on the last spike at $32 :( Something to be said for buy and hold!

Sunny said...

EnCana is the perfect stock for buy and hold. I hold it because I didn't need the money, and plan to continue to hold.

Selling is good sometime...

I sold my Enercare (ECI) stocks at 7$+ when I was in New Brunswick... ECI is no longer from my portfolio if not just a few stocks inside my TFSA, some dividend DRIP left over...

Selling is good, as we can make a profit out of it. You made your money on ECA, I made mine on ECI.

I didn't wrote about my sell of ECI because I was in NB quite busy and I have to say, I felt sad when I sell ECI.. I had hold it for so long. I sell after reading all the comments on you blog.... I sell and made a huge profit, that's what matter I guess because those companies, they won't give you any money if they fall. They won't just give a damn. Sell and make money, that should be the mantra of investors.


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