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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

YEAH! I just sell 470 units of PHS.U at 15.67$!!!!

Now, my bus ticket Montreal-New Brunswick is fully PAID, thanks to the Sprott Physical Silver. It was 170$. Remember previously, I had purchased 470 units at 14.88$, I sell today at 15.67$ my 470 units for a profit of 351.30$ after commission fees. WOW! 

I couldn't wait for the Sprott Physical Silver (PHS.U) to hit the 16$ per unit...  If you don't need to cash in your Sprott Physical Silver now and your not in need of cash, wait for PHS.U to hit a 16$. Enter a limit order at 16$ for PHS.U and I am pretty sure that very soon, great money is going to be made from PHS.U, even better than now. 

In my case, I had many expenses to cover for this month. I am getting paid for this 2 weeks vacations, but add to that a little bit a shopping and not to forget that my mom is coming to Montreal. Fun, but that add up to the expenses. Ok, that 351.30$ profit could be seen at being nothing at all, it is not much actually, BUT that extra money in my pockets and I really need the money at this time. I wouldn't like to left something on my credit card because I cannot paid... Also, not to forget my online income of more than 140$ that I might had received by now... That make roughly a 500$! So yeah, the money is going to be use very quickly but gees, that's fun!

That's something to celebrate!

I currently have an extra 7 364.90$ in my broker account. My margin is down to 22 037.58$. Which mean I have 22 037.58$ at 4.25%. 

351.30$ goes in cash for my expenses. But what about the 7 000$+ left? What am I doing to do with the money? Invest or paid off debt? I taught about taking a 1 000$ to leave in my banking account in order to avoid the 3.65$ fees. It's soon the tax season. And maybe I will have a little extra to pay off... So I don't know if the whole 7 000$ will be use to invest. I am still thinking...

And by the way, Sprott Inc. (SII) is currently at 9$ per stock! I initially paid my stocks 10$ each back in 2008. Since 2008, SII played the yo-yo, which drive me crazy, but I was confident, I hold and now well, the Sprott Inc. (SII) is at 9$ and had paid this year a real fantastic dividend... 

The sun is out somewhere in the north of New Brunswick (where I am right now). I need to take fresh air. We are leaving tomorrow by bus for Montreal, me and my mom. Hello Casino, Biodome, Jean Talon market, Mont Royal, Eaton Centre, Oratoire St-Joseph, Stade Olympique and Old Montreal. Its going to be fun knowing I have a bit more in my pockets.


Anonymous said...

PHS.U is hovering at just shy of $15.80 today... I hope you're online and seeing this so you can realize such great gains on your purchase of this stock!!

Sunny said...

I sell at 15.67$ and I was very happy about it. Just after, I went outside and now I am back. In the meantime, PHS.U hit 15.90$. Selling at 15.67$ or 15.90$, whatever, 15.90$ is better of course. But what matter to me is that I had been able to make a couple of hundred dollars today. And that's what really matter to me.

Ron said...

Sunny, I'm also from northern NB, propably not too far away...

Sunny said...

Hello Don,

I am from the north-west of NB :)


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