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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fire detector and hope for the Toronto stock market

Lately, a lot had been going on and I got a crazy situation at my place involving a fire detector. We got an inspection today. And yesterday, I test my fire detector and it wasn’t working. I change the battery, it’s still wasn’t working! In a rush, I went to see if the concierge was at home... but she wasn’t there! What was I going to do? In my mind, I was afraid of getting a fine because this was an official inspection with the municipality.

Anyhow, in the morning of yesterday, I tried to see the concierge but she wasn’t there. So I did several places to get a fire detector and I didn’t get one. I went to work and after work, went buy a fire detector. Buying a new one was for me the only thing to do since I was at the last minute to fix this. And I was scared of getting a fine of what so ever. They are very good at doing so in Montreal!

And believe it or not, the detector I bough yesterday evening was not working either! I couldn’t make it work. In the evening, the concierge was not there either! I wake early this morning. Canadian Tire open at 8am so I went, and make sure the fire detector was working before leaving. After what, I got back home and went see the concierge. I was told it was ok but they were going to set a fire detector of their own... WOW! My problem is that I am so not good with my hands; I couldn’t install the new fire detector on the

That’s the incredible boring story that kept me running yesterday and today morning... Currently, I left the new fire detector on my counter and the old detector is on the wall. Before I left, the old detector work, but it was beeping beeping and than nothing well, that detector need to be change that’s for sure.

Despite reader comments, you won’t ever get me wrong... We are lucky here in Canada to have a fantastic stock market and it belong to small investors to take advantage of it. My non registered portfolio is close to 109k. I know my level of debt is high, but it’s not at the point where I cannot handle it. My newest investment in WesternOne Equity Income Fund (WEQ.UN) had done very well. I had done a good profit within a few days of holding the stock. Remember I purchase 380 stocks at 5.40$? Well, currently, WEQ.UN is at 5.67$. When I made this new investment, I knew it was a good one.

When readers send me their trading suggestion, I will do my search on the company of course, I will do my best but I have to say, my readers send me several very good investment. Just to name a few: DGI.UN, EIF, WTE.UN, STB, etc... All of those had performed very well. When I strongly believe that a company can be a nice fit for my portfolio, I won’t spend too much time at watching, I will buy, even at credit. I find it very cheap of some readers to say some stuff like, you are trading just to impress your readers. That’s not true. I write about what I do with my money to share my investment experience. I had been doing so since 2007. If I had been trading more lately, it’s because I have more credit facility due to my margin. While reading about EIF, I wanted to invest in it immediately. The company seemed to be so interesting. I wouldn’t wait for new cash to invest while money was available right there in my margin. So far, the overall investment experience had been positive and that’s what I want to let my readers know about. It’s not about showing it all and wanted to impress the whole wide world. I may sound something like pretentious sometime but it’s because I have faith in the companies I invest in and I pretty sure that, despite the situation in Japan, there’s hope for small investors like myself. There’s no place for calling it quit. My non registered Canadian portfolio is now at 109 039.78$ (that being 20 minutes ago...). GO! Now going for another day at work and I am already over it.

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