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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I sell HZU at 34.24$

And made a profit of 98.50$ after commission. The money will remain on the margin. I have enough stress and NFI.UN took a plunge. We'll talk about it later.


Rob said...


It was on my recommendation that you purchased HZU. I warned you it was volatile and you just happened to purchase before a market correction in silver that took you to a loss of 10% at one point. And now that the correction has finished you sell it. You must understand that silver is the investment of a decade and should be a core holding in your portfolio. It could easily swing 10% or more in a day and you have to live with that volatility to make money. I lost approximately 20,000 in one week with that correction but I recovered it the next week and it closed at 35.04. I think you will regret your decision to sell but time will tell.

Sunny said...

I Rod,

It was my ultimate decision to invest in HZU. I will never blame a reader for a decision that I took myself at the end. I was getting to heavy on the margin Rob, so selling today was a chance that I didn't want to miss.

I will eventually invest in more silver, but with my own money, not on borrow money.


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