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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Montreal Biodome beauties

I had been quiet lately but it’s because my mom just left yesterday evening for New Brunswick. We arrived in Montreal Wednesday. She really wanted to visit Montreal. Despite the fact that I was actively looking for a job in New Brunswick, I did not have the heart to say no to her wish. She just had lost her brother after all. We have a great time. When I conduct her at the bus station, she told me it was ok for me to leave her there, that she was going to wait for the bus all by herself. I didn’t want to leave my mom alone among the mass of Quebeckers. No way! I put her in the bus and left in peace as she only had to switch of bus one single time... She left at close 11pm and at that time, I felt tired. Outside, it was raining and I was cold. We had spent that Saturday at the Montreal Biodôme. It was really great. I had gone there just once years before and going back was great. I took some very nice pictures using only my iPod! You’ll see a few right here.

Luckily, I was able to work today at my weekend job. After several months, I am now back working there. Not that it was wanted from my part, but I am desperately in need of money. So when I learn that there was work for me today this Sunday, I was like WOW! Not that the job pay that much, but working during the weekend pay my whole rent (555$), my Internet and a few little things. And it’s seemed it had started back for a little while. So that’s very good. But if I wouldn’t have call, I wouldn’t have work... That’s how it is with Quebeckers, despite being employed there for 3 years now.

Because as said, I am in need of money. Many not that desperately, but I had accumulated a balance of more than 900$ on my credit cards! My trip to New Brunswick cost me some $$$, as well as my mom coming here to Montreal for a couple of days... So overall, yeah, I spend some money. I got a haircut; I guess I look better now. I dye my hair. I didn’t take care of my color since this summer, this because I wanted to get my natural color back... The work of several months of non-coloration had gone with the New Brunswick wind within the matter of a few minutes... But I do look better with darker hair (which is now dark with red lol...).

Tomorrow will be my first day back from vacation of my week day job. At this time, I am just happy to be able to work and I wish I will be able to move from Montreal has I don’t have any affinity with Quebec people and I want to be able to live differently. I don’t want to hear from the Bloc Québécois, Pauline Marois, Gilles Duceppe, Amir Khadir or any other kind of Quebec freaks anymore.

Many things on the way, a lot of work too. And not to forget my promise to Frank (read previous comments) about posting my trade history... Some readers are really difficult and some other not. I am currently working on my next trade. I was thinking about the Claymore Silver. I want to do what I was trying to do with PHS.U. So stay tune for my next quick cash money making tip :)

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