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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bye Bye Tories! Hello NPD?

Finally, what I was secretly hoping for since Stephen Harper closed the Parliament had happen: Tories government had been quick out of the place! Ok, well, I wasn’t totally again Stephen Harper, I have to say. Part of me admires his courage and determination for Canada to remain a united nation despite Quebec hostility. That had been a really tough job to handle. Quebec province is a hypocrite nation requesting too much attention from the federal. Stephen Harper had been a great Prime Minister, he can be proud of his realization and leave in peace. Stephen Harper matches the talent of Liberal Jean Chrétien. But I really dislike Stephen Harper for having established Quebec a distinct nation inside a united nation. Quebec has nothing to do with Canada and Quebec is not distinct of any other Canadian provinces. That being said, I know Jean Chrétien is a Quebecker. It doesn’t remove anything from my admiration. Ok, you’ll say: the sponsorship scandal. Well, as a Prime Minister, no one can really have its eyes on absolutely everything. It’s impossible. Tories had been a shame for honest Canadian citizens. So did Liberal. No political parties can be absolutely perfect. Take NPD for example. Jack Layton sympathizes too much with Quebeckers. But this being said, I will probably vote NPD at the next federal election in May 2011. It’s now turn for Jack Layton to shine, for different reasons. In a certain way, fact that Jack Layton sympathize with Quebeckers will make easier for Quebec to finally separate from Canada. In a way.

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