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Sunday, March 13, 2011

TD Canada Trust is doing it again: credit card balance special interest rate with TD Visa

TD was the first Canadian bank to increase its dividend in 2011. I wrote in numerous times my experiences with TD Canada Trust banking services (most of them being very very good) and not to name them again, TD Waterhouse. And now, guess what, well, TD Canada Trust is helping me again! This morning, I wrote about my debt problem. I said I wanted to pay off a credit line at 10 000$ that I currently hold at a bit more than 7%. That one is not being hold at TD.

Anyhow, I wrote previously I wanted to pay off 2 000$ on it and so on. But the real reason why I was thinking about paying debt is that I currently hold a close 8k credit card balance at TD that is currently at a special interest rate at less than 5%, which is very good for a credit card. That special interest rate is about to expired this upcoming month of April. Which mean that sometime in April 2011, the regular rate of 19% will apply on that 8k debt... So in preparation of that, I taught about placing some money on my 10k credit line and later on transfer the money on my credit card...

But guess what, thanks to TD Canada Trust, I will be able to get an extension of my special interest rate. This means that I can continue to do whatever I want with my money. I won’t have to deal with a 19% interest rate and, best of all, if I want, I can keep that 2 000$ that I was talking about previously this morning for investment purposes if I really want to... I had been a long time customer of TD Canada Trust as well as other banks. And I can confirm, you simply cannot get a renewable of a credit card balance transfer special interest rate like that ANYWHERE ELSE, no matter how good is your credit score.

Just recently, the only thing that was able to do BMO Mastercard for me is to add an extra 1 000$ to my credit card, no credit check needed. And so what? What do you want me to do with an extra 1 000$ at 19%? BMO Bank of Montreal is such a pain. It’s just reflecting the lack of judgement of their management team.

But with TD Canada Trust, everything is different! I get what I want ALL THE TIME with TD! And with TD EVERYTHING MAKE SENSE. And it’s not like I have a mortgage with TD Canada Trust. I am not that valuable either way for TD in the sense that I don’t hold not even close to 200k in investment with them. See what I mean? So can you answer me why TD Canada Trust is giving me everything I want, and that being all the time? It’s because TD is a bank who care. In 2011, they had been the first Canadian bank to increase their dividend. TD Canada Trust is the only bank being open as early as 8 am in the morning. Many of TD branches are open on Saturday and, well, just like this wouldn’t be enough, many of TD branches are now open on Sunday. And on top of that, TD Waterhouse rep surf the Web looking for customers who had lived a bad customer experience with them and, instead of ignoring them like love to do BMO Investorline, well, you know what, TD Waterhouse has some rep who will initiate a contact no matter how little you are (that happen to me!!!). As a customer, can I really ask for more? I don’t think so.

And now, best of all, I can keep that 2 000$ of mine right inside my pockets and help boost my dividend income and asset value with whatever I want to invest in... (which I didn’t decide yet what to do exactly at this time because of the excitement but I will let you know for sure!!!).

That’s the power of TD Canada Trust as a bank: making things possible for the middle class people with big dreams.


Anonymous said...

TD was not the first canadian bank to increase its dividend. National Bank and Laurentian Bank did it before TD. TD was the first of the 5 Big Banks to increase its dividend (National Bank being 6th)

Sunny said...

Thanks for the correction. I should had wrote: first bank among the 5 Big Banks to increase it's dividend and not just "the first bank"... :0)


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