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Thursday, March 24, 2011

About Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) Trading Halted Status

I had been investing in Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) since 2009. I had first purchased my units (back in the time Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) was an income trust company) while working as a teller at BMO Bank of Montreal. A couple of weeks following my investment in DH, I got fired from BMO Bank of Montreal. Staff of the Montreal call center was fabulously stupid. I had to deal with a concentrate of super dumb Quebeckers while working at BMO Bank of Montreal. God did what needed to help me. While working at BMO, David + Henderson caught my eyes. BMO Bank of Montreal order cheques for its customers through that company. Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) is an interesting company in the field of financial sector. They had been around since the late 1800s. DH extends their business in the past with the acquisition of Resolve, among other. Resolve is a company that deal with insurance claims.

Anyhow, all this to say that Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) is a good reliable company and I had been a DH investor since 2009. DH is a company that I know well, and that being for a couple of years now. Something happen to DH today! DH got frozen at the end of the stock market day! While trying to consult in real-time the value of Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH), the following message appeared: “Status: Trading Halted on this security”. According to TD Waterhouse: “A trading halt is a temporary suspension of trading in a particular security on the exchange”. But why this happen to my Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) darling?

Today, Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) made a fantastic announcement: they had acquired Mortgagebot LLC, America's Leading Web-Based Mortgage Technology Provider for US $231.8 Million. This is a very good acquisition made by DH. It will bring more diversification inside their market. That’s being my point of view on the acquisition. From what I saw in the past with DH, they seemed to be very well managed. I only have good words for DH. I guess DH got froze because the company might want to evaporate all risk off loses in the title or they don’t want investors to benefit from extraordinary super quick gains. Imagine: the brilliant me, ex-employee of BMO Bank of Montreal hold more than 300 stocks of DH! Genius. Absolutely genius!!!! (But that will have to be confirm of course. Will DH value rise or decrease, that's what we'll find out - maybe tomorrow!!!).

I find out about DH trading halted in the late afternoon while monitoring Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH). I had set-up a sell order for 100 stocks at 22$. But now that I understand what’s going on, I am just going to completely cancel my sell order because I want to find out what’s going to happen next for DH. Those are very exciting time for Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH)!

Today was an exciting day for Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH), but today was a glorious day for Sprott Inc. (SII). Seem like investors like the explosive profit realize by Sprott Inc. (SII). And so do I. In result, with the money left available by my sell of HZU, I decided to invest in 500 more stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII). At this time, SII is very strong from its financial achievement. The Sprott Canadian Equity Fund is doing super great, as well as other Sprott mutual funds, not to talk about my fabulous PHS.U. I think Sprott Inc. (SII) will continue this way for a little while and this morning when I wake up (late again, but still, I was able to wake up), the first thing I have in mind was Sprott Inc. (SII). More Sprott Inc. (SII) please! And there I went, purchasing my 500 stocks at the highest point of the day. SII represents a good opportunity. Following my new investment in Sprott Inc. (SII), I will touch 175$ in dividend extra special dividend money. I am not in stress about the after dividend period because I really think I will be able to sell at profit. And if not, I will do what I do best, I will simply hold. And pray God. As always :0)


Arunan said...

SII is currently trading around $9.10. I hope you might have learned something from this. SII's actual value is $9.00, Eric needs sell some stocks, so he declares special dividend, and sold some portion of his stocks to higher price. He is smart, but.... you would have saved around $400...

Anonymous said...

Dividend Girl,

I like your site, but I don't like the bad comments about Quebec and the Québécois.

I have lived in England for a while and I know it's tempting sometimes to generalized and comment badly on the people around us, especially when the culture is different.

But it's irrelevant, and I am sure there are people you like here.

Anyway, if you don't like it you can always leave... Nobody is stoping you. It's like a couple, why keep complaining... just move on!

But I hope you stay. I love Acadian people.


Sunny said...

Hi Arunan,

I guess only small investors like myself could be silly enough to jump on the occasion to earn 15 cents per stock. Basically, I made an around 5 000$ value investment just to get an extra 75$ in dividend...

That's how I like myself, getting over excited for dividend without thinking more, that just me. But I still love my move. I love that SII and Eric Sprott is a genius :)

Anonymous said...

DH pays almost zero dividend. Less than 0.6%. How is this consistend with your investing approach? I do not undertand...

Sunny said...

0.6% in dividend from DH? You might did your search wrong.. The overall yield is much more than that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sunny,

My mistake on the dividend amount. Google is screwed up on the calculation:

I think it yields $1.84? If so, that is greater than EPS, if that is correct?

Also, here is another quote on the yield:

Is this wrong also?

Sunny said...

Hi there,

when conducting search on dividend yield, always refer yourself to the Web site of the company. Its the only valid source. Even the info on the TMX Web site could not be accurate, this mean not being up to date.

I think the dividend is something like of 1.80$+ annually but I don't exactly remember. Anyhow, it offer a good yield. DH is a good company despite its trading halted. They didn't even announced their trading halted on their Web site... bad DH.

Holding a 100-200-300 stocks would be my recommendation, but not more. Because DH seem like keeping stuff for itself.

Anonymous said...

Davis + Henderson makes lots of money but does not pay their people well.


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