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Friday, March 18, 2011

Does Montreal Supermoon = super investment portfolio time?

It’s been one of those weeks! Stressful and absolutely awful. I never went on so much market stress of my entire life! This time is very different of what I live in 2008 when I went down on my first ever mega stock crash. None can compare a stock crash to a natural disaster of course, but the negative effects on investor is the same: stress, stress and a lot of stress. Nothing that I cannot handle, but still! It’s insane!

I was under the deep impression my portfolio was going to go through the first post-traumatic Japan tsunami week without having to deal with too much lost inside my portfolio... I was so sure to be able to make it that I even place 2 investments: 100 new stocks of DH and 380 stocks of WEQ.UN... I am sure, but I still needed to be careful. But worst part is that this is far from being over! I had been carefully following the after of the Japan tsunami. I find it very arrogant from the US officials to go out and make public declarations over the situation in Japan. The US had been responsible for so much devastation in the word. For once, they should shut their big fat mouths and let the Japan government talk for itself. I taught the USA were going to be different under Barack Obama. Well, I was all wrong. It’s still the same arrogant country.

Despite the situation in Japan, my portfolio had performed extremely well and from what I saw so far, I think that my overall portfolio might had gain between 3 to 5 000$ today! This driving me right through the 155 000$! 200 000$, be ready, I am coming soon! Well, this is all very exciting at this time, but without exactly knowing what’s going to happen next in Japan, the infamous uncertainty of Gordon Pape remains and well, you know what Gordon Pape said: SELL, SELL, SELL! lol... This is making me laugh soooo much. I especially like my “Gordon Pape calling it quits”. I am selling out Gordon Pape right here on my blog.

I still have plenty of years in my hand (well, I hope). And it’s not exactly the case for Gordon Pape. So when Gordon Pape announced that investor should take advantage of the latest stock gains to sell and make some money of it, I don’t know if Gordon Pape was thinking of what he was going to do for himself as a senior very old investor, or if he ever had in mind the warrior princess of the stock market out there (LOL)!

Whatever had in mind Gordon Pape, I don’t know, but what I know is that, despite the horrible stress, I just don’t see myself selling, cashing out the money and walking away. Just like that. No no no.

I am still not over the stupid column of Gordon Pape. I think we wrote what he did because of his senior age. But this upset me in a strange way. As a public financial figure, the message should be more of “a invest wisely” rather than a rage sell me out. If every single investor begin to sell, the effects could be disastrous. And that’s what upset me. I am not against selling stocks, I am against selling in period of uncertainty.

The responsibility belong to the investor to sell or not, depending the level of confident in the market. I didn’t sell in 2008 and it’s not anytime soon I will... But it takes some of an unconscious mind to be able to handle such things. My mind is very conscious, I understand the risk I am taking, but I had been a buy-and-hold investor since I started investing in 2005. I don’t fear that much for different reasons. Surviving the 2008-2009 stock crash while being able to recover from money lost, well, just that may have just make me a stronger buy-and-hold investor. In my condition, the worst that can happen is that a couple of investments of mine getting sell because of a margin call without the call. Such event would represent right there the loss of 27 000$. Would it kill me? No, but it would certainly be a good call for my brain to become fully conscious for the first time ever in 30 years of life on Earth.

I am having that really strange feeling that I might be able to hit the 200 000$ in assets by the end of 2011. Or it could be just the Supermoon effect.

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