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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome again Sprott Inc. (SII), 500 new stocks of SII in my portfolio, the party continue

Welcome again Sprott! I invest in 500 stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII) at 9.93$, seem to me I am back in 2008 now... (at the time, I invest in 500 stocks at close to 10$, just like for now). I am sooo happy about the second special dividend. If you invest today, your closing date will be March 29. Which mean that I am good for March 31. Count 3 business days following the trading day and there you go you're in business for closing day of March 31 as requested by Sprott to be eligible for its special dividend. And this being said, its the SECOND one...

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Anonymous said...


I just checked today, sii closed at 8.69.

did you know a dividend has the effect of reducing the price of the share on ex-dividend date? look it as the company is losing assets by paying out a dividend and hence the price of the share will drop.


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