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Friday, June 26, 2009

When the pretty girl next door is an investor and turns the world upside down...

Investments and life and why my life is all about investments… for now

It’s just making be laugh and I actually have a lot of fun just writing stupidities like that one: “my life is all about investments”. Like wow lol. Of course, my life is not only about money but gees I like money. I cannot help it I like cash! And I begin to have a whole bunch of it! LOL!!! I need a good laugh like this one after crying late in the night for what happen yesterday. I couldn’t help it. I am feeling better today, but life won’t be ever the same. Or would it remain unchanged? Life gone on, for myself as I am still alive. But good news today as TSX continues gaining points.

The privilege to be rich

At this time of my life, I am grateful to have almost 50 000$ of my own in investment. And for many reasons. I do consider myself rich even if I hold bunch of debts.

What I like about investing outside an RRSP account is that in case of need, the money can be withdraw quickly and easily. And this make be feel secure and safe. I am not stress by life or should I say, I am less stress in life because I know that in case of bad luck, I have money that is just waiting to be use.

I now almost have 50 000$ (in RRSP and non-RRSP) and for while, since last May actually, I taught wow, that’s a lot of money. 50 000$ is a lot of money and I just don’t remember exactly how I did it lol. Anyway, I really have to work into paying my debts. Forget about the student loan for now, I am talking about real debts, the 4 990$ I have in credit line debt at 8% and the 3 000$ at a special interest rate for a couple of months. Right there, it make around 8 000$ I have in bad debts. The 3 000$ being the most critical one.

Thinking about it, 8 000$ is a lot of money too knowing it’s debts and I should seriously be job seeking because if I plan to be so call financially independent, I have to work on paying on some of those bad debts.

Until now, I was more or less concern about my debts, using my credit line to invest, living happily and investing my money in whatever investment products that I found interesting. I did mistake along the way, I did a bunch of them actually but learn form them. I didn’t fall enough to tell myself I am done with investments, I will never again invest. It’s the opposite that happen… And that’s part of the reason why my TD credit line is... full lol.

I like to diversify my portfolio in a fragmentation of little pieces and all those little pieces are preciously being invested in different investment products. And I could easily add to that that those little investments are like a piece of my soul. And I lost 24% of my soul this year by the way lol.

I lost 24% of my overall investments. This is super great in the following way: I could have lost much more money than that! I had been lucky and unlucky. Lucky because I didn’t lost more than 24%, and unlucky because, well, I lost that 24% lol.

But as I previously wrote in a previous post, no lost is official until the investment being sold right? So guess what, I didn’t lose any money yet because I haven’t sold any of my investments. I actually never sold any of my investments. Just this trick I am trying to do with Dumont Nickel (DNI). But it’s about all. I won’t become a huge penny stocks trader I believe – I begin to hate penny stocks!

I lost most of my money in Timminco (TIM), Sprott Inc. (SII) and 2 mutual funds. Lessons learn: diversify diversify diversify! I had invest more than 7 000$ in Sprott big mutual fund star and it was way too much at the same place! But I learn my lessons and I will no longer invest more than 5 000$ on the same spot. From my point of view multiple investments = lower risks. I am 28 years old and I already understood – a while ago – this simple rule. But seem like those who where consider as Quebec’s best investor like that awful man at the name of Henri-Paul Rousseau haven’t an idea on how to invest or have follow their investments class in … Quebec lol. I am not saying I have the best way, but gees, I only had lost 24% value and this well, again, from my point of view, almost make me a genius. And I should have more than just 3 readers register in my FeedBurner. Like come on… lol… Seem like in Canada, well from my point of view always, it’s in Quebec that we find the biggest losers, impostors of all time. Best investors come from New Brunswick. Of course. Small investor do not need the help of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec to make money out of the stocks business. The institution should just close their doors. I won’t ever invest through the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. After loosing millions of dollars, the institution should just close their doors. I don’t trust Quebeckers and it’s part of the reason why my banking account still and will remain in Ontario. Quebec is such a shame.

Anyway, I strongly believe in this diversification strategy and you can see by how much I diversify my portfolio that I truly believe in this diversification rule to which I stick to.

This is just how great my life is with investments and without the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.

Now, I need to find a day-time job, get more organize for once in my life, and pay off some of my horrible debts. I also have to make valuable gain from some of my investments in order to recover from my 24% soul lost. The easy way: it will be to invest 5 000$ in the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund – class A. I already make 100$ from that fund, for an initial investment of 1 000$. The 5 000$ could be consider as a one year investment. What I need to recover from my lost is… more money!

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