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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Having fun with penny stocks

I am enjoying my weekend. Mont-Royal had been closed to circulation lately and it’s quite nice, being able to walk without any cars around. The whole Montreal Island should be close to car circulation! After the job, I was supposed to go to the Old Montreal again, just like last week, but since the sky was grey, I taught it was going to rain. But it didn’t rain. I spend, once again, my evening in front of my computer. But it worth it, as I conduct some search regarding penny stocks. Currently, my goal is to make a profit from penny stocks trade.

Is Blue Note Mining a good penny stocks deal?

First, as I previously explain, I came with the idea of Blue Note Mining (BN.H). Since Friday, I had set an order for 80 000 stocks of Blue Note Mining at the price of 0.005 cent. After what the goal is to sale the overall 80 000 stocks at the price of 1 cent. The order will remain in until tomorrow. And tomorrow only because I had set-up myself another plan, that could actually be even better.

I just extend my search, and it could happen I won’t be able to purchase 80 000 stocks of Blue Note Mining at 0.005 cent. Why? Because the price of Blue Note Mining barely changes these days and basically no one is currently trading on Blue Note Mining. This could be one of the reasons why the value remains quite stable at 1 cent. This last Friday, only 9 trades where perform around Blue Note Mining.

Could Dumont Nickel Inc. (DNI) be a better deal?

I did some quick search and I came yesterday with this company I never heard of before, Dumont Nickel. Actually, I first learn about Dumont Nickel by taking a look at a newspaper. Dumont Nickel is currently in activity. It’s not like Blue Note Mining who had declared bankruptcy just a couple of months ago.

The plan around Dumont Nickel

Here’s the plan: purchase Dumont Nickel at 0.03 cents for 30 000 stocks (900$ investment value + 29$ in too high commission) and sale the investment at 0.05 cents for a 2 cents profit… and a fantastic 542$ extra in my pockets!!!! That’s enough to pay off my 535$ monthly rent. See the deal?

I am actually more confident about Dumont Nickel than with Blue Note Mining. Blue Note Mining is not doing well all and price seems to be stuck in the ground, it won’t move lower than the 1 cent! Anyhow, my live move on.

Tomorrow, I have to wake up early and go at a TD Bank to make a deposit of 344$ (amount of my latest pay check) on my credit line. I have only 200$ left on it. I plan to move the 344$ and the little 200$ in my TD Waterhouse account. I also have to place a call regarding a job offer I saw just today. And after what I need to go renew my driver license and health card. If I have anytime left, which I thing I will have, I will return home and check if my order had been proceed for Blue Note Mining. Looking forward for $$$.

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