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Friday, June 12, 2009

On how are doing my little things

I am almost done with the stuff I needed. Just a couple of things left and I will be done. Probably on Monday. I could have been done today, but it was raining extremely hard last night and I couldn’t sleep. And of course, I sleep in late again.

On Monday, I have to renew my driver license (yeah, I have one lol) and my health card. After what I will need to subscribe to the insurance program that’s been giving by my employer. At first, I didn’t want to subscribe because they are taking around 15$ per pay check for it. But I was told by the accountant that did my taxes for 2008 that it might be better if I subscribe, it will make less to pay for the Quebec health insurance at the end of the year. Those of the biggest last 3 things I need to do. I plan to wake up early on Monday evening to have those done.

After what, I will be job searching. I didn’t do any job searching this week. I had been quite busy. I also had that little investment project going on.

At first, I wanted to invest 500$ extra in the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund, but unfortunately, at TD Waterhouse, all extra investment of Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund is of 1 000$. At Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund it self, it’s actually possible to invest as little as 100$ per extra investment. I don’t really see myself an account with Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund just for 500$.

Anyway, I came with this other idea; to purchase 80 000 stocks at 0.005 of Blue Note Mining (BN.H-V) and sale them at 1 cent. This is possible. But I really need to purchase Blue Note Mining at 0.005 and not at 1 cent. If I purchase BN.H at 1 cent, the project won’t be successful. Generally these days, Blue Note Mining value had varied between 0.005 and 1 cent. The project is realizable, but it could take time. I would like an extra 400$ in my pocket as I would like new sandals for the summer and other stuff.

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