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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hanwei Energy Services is an Energy Rock!

I was really pleased yesterday as the TSX jump to more than 10 500 points! Last week, I received the 2008 Hanwei Energy Services Annual Report and Notice of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

While being at work, I began to read the 2008 Annual Report of Hanwei Energy Services. I like Hanwei Energy Services from the start, since I read about the company in The Investor 500, special issue, summer 2008 of Canadian Business.

The Letter to Shareholders of Fulai Lang, Chairman & CEO of Hanwei Energy Services begin like this: "2008 was a remarkable, historic period. In a 12-month span, we saw energy prices retreat from historic highs to multi-year lows as the global financial crisis wreaked havoc in the capital and commodity markets worldwide. While these reversals caused many companies to retrench or delay their business plans, Hanwei successfully advanced, reporting profitable top line performance and significant growth from all three operating segments."

Those are very good news for Hanwei shareholders like me. I own 300 stocks of Hanwei Energy Services. I am very glade to have those 300 stocks in my portfolio. Hanwei has activities in China: “In China, our primary market, energy demand is projected to continue its strong growth to a point when China will surpass the USA as the world’s largest consumer of energy.” But could it be the case? Could China surpass the USA in term of energy demand? It’s not that difficult to imagine, but when it will happen, Canada government will have to do much more for the environment. And not only Canada, but all countries of the world. But seem like China government is aware of the situation because according to Fulai Lang, the Chinese government is promoting green energy and had invested, in other, in wind energy with Hanwei Energy Services.

One of the reason I like Hanwei Energy Services is because the company is doing business in the green energy sector.

With all those great news surrounding Hanwei Energy Services, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hanwei Energy Services stocks rise to… 2$ per stock lol. Funny… But see, HE value is currently of 1.75$ per stock. I believe that as soon as Hanwei Energy Services will declare more growth, there will be a point where the value of its stock may jump to 2$ and let’s wish it, even more.

Thining about green energy investment in my portfolio, we find Methanex and Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund. In the future, I am looking forward to earn more stocks of companies being involved, like Hanwei Energy Services, in the wind power and green energy sector. A lot of money can be done in those fields. You want to verify by yourself? Just check out the fantastic result of Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund. The 1 000$ I invest not even one year ago now worth 1 084$! Just incredible!

Hanwei Energy Services Fulai Lang Chairman closes its letter with those powerful worlds: “our future is very bright”.

Beautiful letter!

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