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Friday, June 12, 2009

A quick way to make money: Blue Note Mining still rock!

Here’s the plan: I had place an order to purchase 80 000 stocks at 0.005 cent of Blue Note Mining (BN.H) now from the TSX Venture. Today the price had varied from 0.005 cent to 0.01 cent. I had place my order at 11:49AM (I wake up late again – but I shouldn’t).

The investment by itself, 80 000 stocks of Blue Note Mining at 0.005 cent is of 400$. The commission for the trade is of 29$. For a total of 429$. I plan to sale as soon as possible the 80 000 stocks at 0.01 cent, for a value of 800$. 829$ (800$ investment value + 29$ commission for the trade) – 429$ = a nice profit of 400$.

I am doing this just for the fun of it to see if I can possibly make money by trading.

It’s now 12:48pm, I call 2 times TD Waterhouse lol, and my order had not been executed still.

Stay tune.

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