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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great news today!

I have no boyfriend, work at low salaries at multiple jobs, haven’t take vacations for quite a while BUT… I am might be able to make money from penny stocks after all. And I might be the next best thing that could happen in the scene of Canadian penny stocks lol.

This is really an exciting time for me. I am very happy! My order of 23 000 stocks at 0.03 cents for Dumont Nickel had been proceed. I now own 23 000 stocks of Dumont Nickel.

After trying to trade on Blue Note Mining, which price is still stuck at 0.01 cent, I move on, pick whatever penny stock company I find in a newspaper call La Presse. And guess what I find: Dumont Nickel. After what I did some search around the stocks. Seem like a good company to me and not too long ago, I think it was on June 11 or 12, a good news was made coming from the company and at a point, the stocks value raise to 0.05 cents. So what I did just now is that I place a sale order for 0.05 cents, which will be valid until June 30. This is super cool and dealing with penny stocks is a great adventure for multiple reasons.

First, not too much money is involved. The value of my investment with Dumont Nickel had been of 690$ + 29$ of commission, for a total of 719$. I plan to sale at 0.05 cent.

The only thing I need for this trade to work is another major announcement coming from Dumont Nickel – and it will need to be a positive one. Since the stock value had reached 5 cents not too long ago, it’s possible that the price will reach 5 cents again. Dumont Nickel had many mines at different location and still in activities. And from their Web site and from what I read on them, it’s possible to make some cash out on Dumont Nickel.

I wake up late again this morning. I got so anxious yesterday because of my job interview and about my health card and license renewal that. It’s exhausted be. But true I went to work to do a 7 hours shift.. Anyway, the week is the over yet and I hope to do better tomorrow. I would like to continue job searching to see if I can find a better paying job.

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