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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When overtime = good news = $$$

I just received my new driver license on today. I am only missing my health card now. Something incredible happen today at my evening job: overtime is now available! It’s since last Friday actually. But at first, I taught it was only for that weekend. There was some overtime available today too…and there will be some tomorrow… I am quite happy with it! Part of my money problems will be resolve.

Tomorrow, I plan to begin at 12pm. It will make a 12pm to 12am… But when money is needed, where could I possibly stop? I am just not in a job searching mood right now so I plan to do as much overtime as I can. Today went extremely well but we were receiving calls like crazy… This overtime news is very good but in order to do some I have to arrive at lunch time because if I arrived later, there will be no station available.

Anyway, I cannot wait for tomorrow. I would like to earn 2 000$ from that job for the month of July. I had reach 5 000$ on my credit line. I would like to pay off some of it and also my TD Visa, where I have 3 000$ at a smaller interest rate. I have about 5 or 4 months left. I would like to make a deposit of at least 1 000$ on my debts each month. My the end of the summer, I could at least clear of the TD Visa debt card. I don’t like to have this credit card debt. But back than, I didn’t have any solution, I had to pay 3 000$ extra in taxes. But I am so lucky in my bad lucks. I was able to get the loan at smaller interest rate.

I didn’t forget about my dividend goal. But I prefer to pay off some debts for now and will see if I can manage it all at the end.

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