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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why should I be job searching after all?

I currently have enough to cover my bills for the month of July, which is nice. I wouldn’t like to have to sale some of my investments to cover the cost of my living. My lifestyle is cheap and I am able to pay everything with a 1 000$-1 200$ per month. As always, I wake up late again, around 11… lol. It’s seemed to be my favorite hour to wake up! I love my night shift. I wouldn’t like to loose it for anything.

And look at the hot news!

On yesterday Wednesday 18, Dumont Nickel (DNI) closes at a fantastic 0.04 cents lol! 0.04 cents could sound like nothing at all, no big deal. But once cent is one cent and with cents we can make hundreds of dollars in one small trade! I had place a sale order of 0.05 cents on my 23 000 stocks of DNI. But wouldn’t be great if I will be putting a sale order of 0.04 cents?

Let’s calculate….

23 000 stocks x 0.01 cent of profit = 230$ - buying commission of 29$ - selling commission of 29$ = 172$ in profit

(And on top on that, we need to add the taxes… but let’s forget about them for now)….

Just for the fun of it, should I but a sell order of 0.04 cents instead of 0.05 cents! YES!!! Let’s do it now!!! I think that to be able to make money from penny stocks, a close follow to the market is needed. Dumont Nickel hit the 5 cent a couple of days ago, but it was a couple of days ago. I might be able to make money sooner if the Dumont Nickel (DNI) goes up to the 4 cents again, maybe by the end of the day?

TSX gain some points and the company Dumont Nickel (DNI) seems to remain stable… So let’s take some action and officially make my first penny stock trades – maybe by the end of the day if I am lucky!

This is how much fun penny stocks can be!

There so many ways to take advantage of the market and penny stocks are one of them. It’s good to buy and invest for the long term, but it’s also nice to make money from trading! By doing this, small investors like myself can take advantage of the market volatibility, bu this time, in a positive way.

And from my point of view, risk of loosing money are low, especially if the investor is only looking to make a few hundreds dollars per trade on a penny stock trade. At least, it’s the way I see it.

About Timothy Sykes

I learn about Timothy Sykes while playing the analyst on Twitter. Than a guy response to me, and told me to follow his buddy, which I did.

I like this expression he is using on his Web site « short sale ». This is exactly what I am going to do with DNI. He also said the following about penny stocks, among the following: “the vast majority of people who play penny stocks are suckers and all-around ignorant people” lol…

So now, knowing the possibilities, tell me why I should be job searching for another part-time job? Tell me why...

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