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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another week begin and I am now seriously job searching

Job survey nightmare

It was horrible at work today. I got a dude who answers my entire questionnaire. It went find but he was complaining about fact that I had to slow down and that he had problems to understand me. For all other respondent that I interview in English, it went extremely well. But just that one, it was very bad. Some English speakers are not respectful. I do not care about my English because I am French. But I blog in English because it’s to practice my English.. Is that clear enough? lol

Anyway, call end that the poor guy ask for my name and the company number. Which I had to provide because the call had been recorded… I cannot wait to see if I am going to get feedback on that one.

Job searching for the better or the worst

In 2 days from now, I plan to send resume and begin my job search at a café that I very like. As long as I remember, I always had been able to find work when I start my job search at that place. Before, I didn’t have Internet at home and each time I was job searching at that café, I got good result.

Lazy me

But in the meantime, same problem remain, I didn’t do any of the stuff I needed to do, so let’s say I am basically at the same point as before. But I guess this time was needed for me just to take a break. Now, I do not have any excuses, I need to move forward. And I did tonight by cleaning my place. For a reason or another, my tiny little apartment cannot remain clean at any time. I only clean once or every 2 weeks. Anyway, the cleaning part is done and completed for now.

And just this evening, I complete my vote through the Internet as a shareholder of Hanwei Energy Services (HE) and Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN).

As for my job search, I already begin it, but I didn’t send any resume yet, as I plan to send them as soon as I will do with everything I need to do. I probably be able to get another and when I will begin working again like before during day-time, it’s going to be hardcore again, as I will be working from 9am to midnight on weekdays and not to forget about my 8 hours shift on Saturday and Sunday. I might be pushing it to far, but I am really working into continuing at investing massively in stocks and to do so, I need more money. But I know I can do it as I was working that way for almost one year when I got laid-off of my day-time job because the project I had been working on had been closed.

I am better beginning a serious job search as soon as possible because at my weekend job, they had announced the lost of a big contract. It could happen that I could be out of work anytime soon from that job.

One thing I need to do as well is to go to bed earlier and not to spend my night on the Internet. It’s going to be rough, but since I want to reach 200$ income per month in dividend earnings by the end of the summer, I guess I will find the courage to just shake me up a bit.

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