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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Overtime is… death

The good news of yesterday regarding my overtime at work didn’t last for long. I did 4 hours extra at work today since overtime was available. But later on during the day, we were advice not to do more than 40 hours weekly… How annoying!

Seem like I will have to begin a serious job searching. What I was desperately trying to avoid didn’t last for long.

My situation won’t get any better until I begin job searching. A good reason for job searching: my debts!

My debt situation:

TD Visa: 2 999.97$
Credit line TD: 4 989.19$
RBC Visa: 251.55$
Student loan: 10 627.99$
AE: $51.72
TOTAL: 18 920.42$

Until that time, I am looking forward to watch my expenses and live on a budget. Which I was doing more or less these last couple of days.

Minimum require:

Visa TD: 26$
Credit line TD: +-60$
Rent: 535$
Student loan: 165$
AE: 10$
Internet: +-35$
Food and other: 300$

TOTAL: 1 131$

I make 720$ bi-weekly after taxes from my evening shift, not much, but it’s more than I need to cover my basic need. It’s make an extra 309$ to pay off on my debts. But 309$ is not enough to pay off my debts. The only solution: job searching! Which I have to begin tomorrow. If not, live is going to be rough and miserable, no more investment, no more shopping, no more big payments for my debts.

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