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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No money made so far from my penny stocks

I cancel my order for Blue Note Mining. Instead, I had place an order for 23 000 stocks of Dumont Nickel (DNI) at 0.03 cent. But so far, no positive result. The prices seem to be stuck at 0.035…. I don’t want to purchase Dumont Nickel at 0.035 because I find it too expensive lol. Trying to make money this way can be very stressful. Trading is very stressful. Since I am so lucky, I guess I won’t be able to purchase DNI at 0.035. 0.03 seem to be a bit too low since the company had made, not too long ago, a positive announcement. But since TSX continue to fall, maybe DNI will reach the point of 0.03 cent. Maybe.

I went to my job interview this morning. I was nervous as I am always am at a job interview lol. It’s a survey job… 10$ per hour. There are so many survey jobs in Montreal. But for now, it’s ok. At least the office is super clean, not like at my weekend job.

I had renew my license and my health care card. This was needed for a long time now. I am glade I am done with this. Now, I can continue my job search if I want. I also want to open an account with iTrade of Scotia Bank. I need to print the form. Each trade is at 19.99$ (instead of 29$ with TD Waterhouse). My TD Waterhouse account will remain open because it’s free to purchase mutual funds through them. It’s seemed not to be the case with iTrade.

Everything so far so good. I would just like to get a better paying job. Maybe I should continue my job search.

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